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AP Physics 1 for MEng Engineering Science, Keble Oxford

SUNYMANSUNYMAN 82 replies41 threads Junior Member
Hello. I'm a 11th grade student (applying next year, but trying to preplan) who wants to go to Keble College, Oxford University & study Engineering Science (and specialize in Information Engineering). Here are the AP's I'm took:
AP CompSci A
AP CompSci Principles
AP World History
AP Macro/Microeconomics

Here are the ones I'm taking now:
AP Physics 1
AP Calculus AB
AP English Lang & Com
AP U.S History

Here are the ones for next year (I MAY be taking AP Stats, but not sure. Probably not):
AP Chemistry
AP Calc BC
AP English Lit & Com
AP Government

How do I stand for Oxford (provided I get a 5 in AP Physics 1, Chem and Calc)? As the title stated, the BIGGEST worry for me is the Physics. I know I need a Calc and a Physics course for Oxford, but they didn't state which AP Phys (1, 2 or C) exam is needed. Is Physics 2 or C necessary for Oxford, or are my PS, PAT score, etc. more important for interview?

The PAT seems OK, and I think I can do decent w/ practice & self study.

Will I also be out of luck and very disadvantaged if I don't take C or 2? Cambridge said that C is necessary for their Engineering BA course.

I'm not taking anything past Phys 1 because I want a well rounded science background (including Chem). Phys 1 is a prereq for C and 2 in our HS, and I don't want to spend 11/12th grd studying only Physics.

PS, I sent emails, and Oxford ES said that they were unable to comment on my application. I'm considering Materials/CS & Phil as my secondary options :neutral:
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Replies to: AP Physics 1 for MEng Engineering Science, Keble Oxford

  • collegemom3717collegemom3717 7050 replies65 threads Senior Member
    These are general comments, as I don't know anything about you, or your aptitude for math/physics.

    = Engineering Science at Oxford requires an A* at A level for both Math and Physics. That means that 1) virtually all of your peers will have gotten top level marks in both subjects, and 2) the 1st year professors will expect you to have this level of understanding from Day 1 of the course. It is almost impossible to convey just how intense the pace is at Oxford, so if you aren't up to speed (and/or really ept at the subject) you will drown. My guess is that Physics 1 won't do it, but as I said, I don't know how much of a whiz you are at math & physics. So ask your physics teacher if they think that you would be able for the level of material on the three A-level Physics paper exams:


    Still, you seem very sanguine about the PAT exam. If you have worked through a sample paper and done very well (note: that means a lot better than 'decent') on it with what you have from Physics 1 and Calc AB you may be fine.

    = Engineering Science, Materials Science and CompSci + Phil are very different courses. Remember that for Oxford you are expected to make the case for why you are a good fit for that specific course, and that is what you are really committed to.. Writing a PS that would make a compelling case for why both are your one true love will be a challenge.

    = With your other thread included you are also looking at E&M at Oxford and various Econ and Data Science programs in the UK. The UK isn't really a good option for people who don't know what they want to do, or want to do incompatible courses. The courses are very structured, and the workload is really intense. If you don't really love the subject you are studying it can be a miserable experience.
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  • HazeGreyHazeGrey 241 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Agree with @collegemom3717 that the lack of a calculus based physics class could be a challenge for you. She's not joking about the pace - the 8 week terms followed by a vacation where you are expected to review/consolidate all of the material on your own before sitting collections at the start of the next term has really pushed my son.

    Have you looked at the MAT at all? If you decide to go down the CS/Phil route, that will be your admissions test. Taking that next fall with very little of your AP Calc BC class under your belt could be challenging as well.
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  • SUNYMANSUNYMAN 82 replies41 threads Junior Member
    edited November 2019
    Calc BC is an extension of AB. I think that I may be fine (but I will look at the MAT). Also, based on this, I'm probably not going to apply to Engineering Science :neutral:

    PS, I emailed Oxford Materials, and they said that Physics 1 or 2 are preferable (for them) over Phys C because I already took a course in Calculus. This seemed odd, but good for me! Like I said, I'm not taking C or 2 because I can only do APs in 11th and 12th grade, and 1 is a prereq (in our school) for both of them. I want to have a well-rounded science background, and not just study Physics (I also want to do an year of Chem).
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