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Info about Alabama...

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Hello, I would first like to say that I hope no one takes any offense to this post, I am not trying to say that any race is better than the other. I am just trying to recieve some opinions so that I myself can place myself in the most appropriate enviornment. Thank You. What I am trying to find out is if their is or was anyone that has gone to the University of Alabama (tuscaloosa) as a minority of some sort and how the felt their. If they were comfortable their, or was it difficult to fit in their liberal social life. I do understand that there is no typical student body but I would just like to know how those students felt when they went their. I am a muslim yet I live in an area were it is really diverse majority of my friends are a mixture of christians and catholics, considering that I play football at my high shool (public) in Virginia. I am not extreme in my beliefs and I get along with many people. So if anyone could please help me that would be wonderful because I really want to go to this school. Thanks a lot.
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    I think you'd be comfortable in Honors or the Blount Undergraduate Initiative, maybe even the business college and its dorm. (Maybe Mallet Assembly.) Outside these you might not feel comfortable.
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