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Enrollment Fee

MontegutMontegut Registered User Posts: 6,123 Senior Member
edited January 2010 in University of Alabama
Son has been accepted to a couple of other colleges that have enrollment fees.

One is fully refundable by May 1st, which is great, because we won't hear from a lot of schools until about then.

Another has an enrollment fee that is not refundable. Have to get more info on that one before committing a couple of hundred at this point.

However, we did not receive any paperwork from Bama about an enrollment fee.

Is there one, and we just didn't get that mail yet?

Want to make sure we reserve son's spot and get him housing as soon as possible.

Thanks for any info.
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Replies to: Enrollment Fee

  • parent56parent56 Registered User Posts: 7,658 Senior Member
    here's copy of email we received about a week after admission notice (have also received on about immunizations since then)

    Congratulations once again on your admission to The University of Alabama! To assist you with the next steps in the enrollment process, please note the following:
    1. Submit your Freshman Enrollment deposit of $200 (fall tuition prepayment) at myBama.ua.edu (requires login using your myBama account) prior to applying for housing or registering for orientation. Payment of the enrollment deposit will be accepted online beginning September 1, 2009, and the deadline for the submission of the enrollment deposit is May 1, 2010.
    Once logged in to the myBama website, click the "Academic" tab
    Within the Admissions box (on the left side of the page) locate "Admitted Undergraduate Students", click "Submit Freshman Enrollment Deposit"
    On the Freshman Enrollment Deposit Payment Page, click "Submit Deposit," select payment method, click "Continue"
    Enter required payment information, click "Continue"
    Verify payment information, click "Continue"
    Receipt of payment will be emailed to the email address that you provided. You may also print confirmation of this payment.
    2. Complete the Housing and Residential Communities application (available beginning October 1, 2009) at housing.ua.edu and submit your $250 housing application fee and prepayment.

    3. Students are required to attend a Bama Bound orientation session. Registration for orientation begins in February. Information about orientation will be mailed in January 2010.
    If you have any questions, please contact us via email at admissions@ua.edu or by phone at (800) 933-BAMA.
  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids Registered User Posts: 82,627 Senior Member
    If your child is NMF, you still have to make the deposits.

    However, no big deal; you either get a refund later, or the amount goes towards whatever you owe for meal plan.
  • AL34AL34 Registered User Posts: 1,993 Senior Member
    Any information about the deposit being refundable (or not) if you decide not to attend?
  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids Registered User Posts: 82,627 Senior Member
    I don't know if deposits are refundable or not. Does the website say?


    I know that it says you have to pay deposit by May 1st. But, if memory serves (maybe I'm wrong), you have to have your deposit paid earlier if you want to have priority for dorm choice and for Bama Bound choice.
  • PegV420PegV420 Registered User Posts: 138 Junior Member
    What is Bama bound?
  • parent56parent56 Registered User Posts: 7,658 Senior Member
    ^^^^i think it is the mandatory orientation session.
  • 1dsnhs1dsnhs Registered User Posts: 33 Junior Member
    Alabama's enrollment in non-refundable. We are also waiting to hear about scholarships from the other colleges to which DS has been accepted.
  • 1dsnhs1dsnhs Registered User Posts: 33 Junior Member
    Here it is from the web site.

    Freshman Enrollment Deposit - Undergraduate Admissions - The University of Alabama

    Freshman Enrollment Deposit

    Upon admission to UA, all entering freshmen are required to submit a $200 nonrefundable Freshman Enrollment Deposit (Fall tuition prepayment). Here are a few things to remember about the enrollment deposit and how it fits into the Admissions process:

    * The Freshman Enrollment Deposit must be paid before applying for housing or registering for orientation.
    * The deadline for payment of the Freshman Enrollment Deposit is May 1, 2010.
    * Further instructions will be sent via myBama email to students who are admitted to UA.
    * Step-by-step instructions for paying the Freshman Enrollment Deposit.
  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids Registered User Posts: 82,627 Senior Member
    Bama Bound is a 2 day orientation. You choose which Bama Bound session you want to go to. They start in May, the last session is shortly before school starts to accomodate kids who are coming from far away, and who couldn't come to an earlier session.

    The honors Bama Bound sessions are usually in May and June. The other Bama Bound sessions are in June, July, and August. We liked attending an Honors session, so that our kids would meet other honors kids.. :) For honors kids who are coming from OOS, I think that (if you can), your child should try to attend an honors session.

    There is a cost for Bama Bound. That cost includes the one night in the honors dorm. It also includes placement testing for math, English, and/or Foreign languages. If your child scored over a certain ACT in English or Math, then you don't have to take the English or Math placement tests.

    The cost also includes various materials, lanyard, tote for stuff, don't remember what else.

    Parents are welcome/encouraged to come, too. There is a smaller charge for parents. Parents can either pay to be in a dorm or pay at a hotel (the Five Points Sheraton Capstone, which is on the campus, is very nice.) I don't think both parents need to go, although both parents often do go. Usually one is plenty.

    Bama Bound is a good experience. A mixture of info and fun. Sometimes your kid will be with you and sometimes not. There usually is a pool party for the kids at night. The parents are in the bar at the Sheraton at night...LOL

    For an extra $25, a kid can stay 2 nights (my kids did this so that they could get there the night before and not be rushed in the morning.)

    Parents can be good ice-breakers at such events. During the times that parents are with their students, it's often the parents that strike up conversations, and the kids end up meeting, too. For a shy kid this can be great. Of course, the kids also meet new friends during the "student only" events, in their dorm suite assignment, and the pool party.

    I don't remember if meals are included. But, the parents have a nice luncheon, and I know that was free.

    This is also the time that future students register for classes.. Students register for classes on Day 2 of Bama Bound.. Before Day 2 of each student's Bama Bound, there is a hold that prevents them from registering before that day. I think the hold is lifted sometime in the morning of Day 2.

    Alabama carefully holds back spaces in the various freshmen classes and releases some for each Bama Bound orientation, so that there are class spaces available for kids who go to later Bama Bounds.

    ..but here's a hint...
    Parents are usually not permitted to go with their students during registering time. But...
    If your child figures out his schedule before going to Bama Bound (with a few 2nd choice options), and writes down the CRN numbers, then when it's time to register it can be done rather quickly. He just inputs the CRNs and presses enter. The other kids will be trying to put together a schedule and getting mixed up, but your child will be done. :)

    Another hint...Unless your child is a NATURAL early riser (with bushy tail!!! LOL), don't have him sign up for 8:00am classes. I know that they just were in high school and may have had earlier classes or practices. But, that doesn't matter...college is different..

    Most new freshmen are notorious for staying up late when they first go away to school. Maybe it's the newness, the excitement, or the distraction of living with new friends, but most stay up too late to be wide awake by 7 am to make it to a 8 am class. It can just be too tempting to skip an 8am class if the kid is too tired. Generally, a kid can get up in time for a 9:00 or 9:30 class ... LOL ... This problem usually goes away by sophomore or junior year. But, to be honest, my junior still has never taken an 8 am class and probably never will.... :) But, seriously, a student can get off on the wrong foot, if he might have trouble getting himself up for 8am classes. :(

    Another hint...A student should check mybama the night before registering to make sure his choices are still available and make any changes on his list at that point. But, again, always have some alternative choices.

    Notes about Freshmen registration for classes ...

    A student has to have a couple of options in case some desired class fills up before he can register.

    Once a student attends Bama Bound and has his schedule, he can change it as many times as he wants before classes start. So, even if a class is filled during your Bama Bound, wait until the 2nd day of other Bama Bounds, and check again. More freshmen class spaces will likely open.

    For a first semester freshmen, it may be harder to snag a 200 level course because upper classmen have already registered. My DS1 wasn't able to get into a desired 200 level honors class (Arts and Parody) until his second year. The class is super popular. So is the Arts in Tuscaloosa class.

    However...if you want a particular class and it's filled, check back often, especially late at night or early morning. Students are changing their schedules constantly. If one spot opens, snag it quickly!!

    Also, if a class is filled that you really want/need, you can email the prof and ask for an override. You give your CWID number and the course name/time and CRN number. Often, the prof will give you one unless there is a set number of seats (like 40 seat auditorium).

    Sometimes you can put yourself on the online waiting list, but I don't know the process for that. Anyone know???? If so, please describe in a post. Thanks.
  • SEA_tideSEA_tide Registered User Posts: 3,877 Senior Member
    As previously stated, the freshman enrollment deposit of $200 is nonrefundable. The housing deposit is $250, of which $225 is refundable (the remainder is an application fee) until a certain date Housing & Residential Communities - The University of Alabama has more details about this.

    Bama Bound is our mandatory freshman orientation program. Mom2collegekids described it perfectly, though parents are free to choose any hotel to stay at. The parent and the child will both have an excellent time. For those in honors, I highly recommend the honors orientation session (it's usually the first 2 day session).

    When checking out classes on mybama, note that the university closes courses before the first orientation session and then reopens them. Get a few ideas of desired classes because it makes the short advising session so much easier. Course changes are allowed any time after you register until school starts, so no need to go to a Bama Bound session after AP scores are out unless the earlier dates did not work for you. As for course waiting lists, there is a button for that on mybama, though not all courses have waiting lists. Be diligent in checking for courses as they do open up (online courses usually become open to on-campus students in late July). I was changing courses up to the beginning of August to get a perfect schedule. Check the final exam schedules for winter break planning. As for 8am classes, realize that college students are often night owls and 8am is early for them. However, do be careful with evening classes (between 5pm and 9pm) if the student wants to become involved with campus organizations, as meetings/events are often held during those times (I made this mistake).
  • PegV420PegV420 Registered User Posts: 138 Junior Member
    Bama Bound is what our local rep explained to me without calling it that. I was concerned about the cost of coming down from so far away and she assured me that one is held right before school starts just for those in our situation. I thought that the fact that the hold a certain amoun of spots back for each session was fantastic. OK, I'm talking like my dd is in and the application is only going out tomorrow!
  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids Registered User Posts: 82,627 Senior Member
    so no need to go to a Bama Bound session after AP scores are out unless the earlier dates did not work for you.

    This is true! :)

    Thankfully, Alabama seems to have changed its policy at some point. When DS1 went to Bama Bound in 2007, they wouldn't let him sign up for the right Calculus class until his AP scores came in.

    BUT....when DS2 went to Bama Bound this last summer, the rule had changed. They let him sign up for the right Calculus class even tho his AP Cal score had not come in yet. They just told him that if his score wasn't high enough, he'd have to move down. Thankfully, he got a 5.

    Another point, Alabama now has 2 honors Bama Bound sessions. Probably because there are more honors kids now. I think the second one is "shared" with another group (maybe the Blount kids).
  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids Registered User Posts: 82,627 Senior Member
    OK, I'm talking like my dd is in and the application is only going out tomorrow!

    Glad to hear that your DD is applying! Let us know when she's accepted. :)

    Are you doing the online app or the mail in app? Will she be applying for any scholarships or for any honors programs? :)

    Can I ask where you're from?

  • AL34AL34 Registered User Posts: 1,993 Senior Member
    As far as the enrollment deposit and honors housing deadlines, I believe I saw a deadline of March 1 for Honors or Learning Communities (the rest have a April 1st deadline.)

    Given the reported issue with availability of housing, if we wait until March 1 to enroll and pay the deposit, is there enough Honors housing that DS will still get a place? I understand that he may be among the last to choose which specific honors dorm, but is there sufficient honors housing to accomodate all incoming honors freshmen?

    Same issue as (I'm sure) many out there, scholarship and special admissions come in late for a few of DSs options. After all is said and done we assume he'll choose UA, but hard to say what alternatives may come up. I understand that May 1 is the real deadline, but it looks like at most places if you wait until then you have housing issues, so that's not really a viable option.
  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids Registered User Posts: 82,627 Senior Member
    The rule about honors housing is this...

    For a kid to be in honors housing, he MUST start in honors housing. He can't live in non-honors and then later move to honors. That's a strict rule.

    If I remember correctly, incoming freshmen select their housing by priority determined by when enrollment deposits are made. So, if you make your deposit early, you get an earlier time to select housing.

    I think he paid DS2's deposit in January, and we still didn't get the first priority time to reserve.

    I would NOT wait until the last month to make deposits. I wouldn't want to risk not getting into honors housing. UA guarantees housing (of some type) for all freshmen, it doesn't guarantee honors housing. And, like I said, if you don't start in honors housing, you never get to get in later.

    Tip!!!...check out the floorplans when you select housing...In some dorms it's best to select "room D" because it's the furthest away from the living room. However in Ridgecrest South (and maybe others), the floorplan is different and there are 2 rooms that are further away from the living room.

    For honors housing, you choose your actual bedroom at the time of dorm selection (therefore, room assignment is not based on who arrives first on move in day...LOL)

    This is really true for most colleges. If you want housing (or if you want specific housing), you need to make deposits early.

    AL34...what scholarship and special admissions is your son waiting for?
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