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How selective is UBC?

caljunio12caljunio12 Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
Exactly how selective is UBC when compared to schools like UC Berkeley, UCLA, and University of Toronto?
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Replies to: How selective is UBC?

  • IAmPOSIAmPOS - Posts: 328 Member
    Less selective than Berkeley and UCLA, more selective than U of T. UBC only really cares about your marks (your ECs to a lesser extent for some faculties). An A average is needed for Arts, a 90 for Engineering and Science, and low-mid 90s for Commerce.
  • caljunio12caljunio12 Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
    I'm an american student, so what exactly does that mean for me? I know that in Canada an A is only 86%...
  • caljunio12caljunio12 Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
    Oh, also, is the engineering program at UBC hard to get into?
  • dtown11dtown11 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Engineering is harder to be admitted to than arts. When I spoke with the admissions rep, she said that if you have an A- (3.7ish) average in the US grade scale, you've got a good shot for the school of arts. Engineering essentially requires that you have taken calculus, have an A- minimum, and good scores...
  • caljunio12caljunio12 Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
    do you know anything about SAT/ACT scores? on the website it said the minimum was something like 1200 but I think that's from the days when the SAT was only out of 1600 because there's no way a school like UBC will set 1200 as the minimum...
  • ashesatduskashesatdusk Registered User Posts: 21 New Member
    I am a UBC Alumni from the united states.

    1. The system you are evaluated on is different by the country your from so Canadian grade standards don't apply. You will be evaluated as American, GPA cut offs are different. When I was being admitted they generally required you to do a supplement application with essays/extracarriculars listed. I do not think those factored too much to the admissions except for commerce.

    2. The difficulty is dependent on faculty you apply to. I would say for arts/forestry/land and food systems its probably much less selective than most competitive public schools. A 3.50GPA in Junior+Senior classes and a 2000 SAT/30ACT would be a shoo in, as long as you had a few AP courses and such. Its much harder for Science/Commerce. I cannot give a concrete number, but a friend of mine in 2005 with a 3.70 31ACT/1360 SAT with AP chemistry, AP physics etc. was rejected for sciences. Our school was a math and science high school (actually part of the title).

    For a concrete answer, I assume on average its harder to get into the top UCs even as a California resident. I think that the average American here though is probably comparable in quality.
  • 772690x1772690x1 Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
    Back when I applied to UBC in '04, I graduated a US-Curriculum HS located abroad (International School) with a 3.77 GPA (although my Senior year GPA was 4.0), 1250 SAT, and lots of ECs.

    Don't know about how it is now, but I found the UBC Applications on of the most relaxed. No mandatory essays, no letters of recommendations, no list of ECs, it was really straight-forward and it seemed like they would only evaluate you on your average.

    I had only applied to 5 Schools:

    University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: Applied in November, accepted in March.
    University of California, Davis: Applied in December, accepted in March
    University of California, Los Angeles: Applied in December, Rejected
    Johns Hopkins University: Applied in December, Rejected
    University of British Columbia: Applied in March, accepted 2 weeks later.

    Word of caution though: I have confirmed this with my friends who went to the US. Canadian schools are generally easier to get into than US schools, but in terms of difficulty - they are hands down tougher. The average grade in most science/engineering courses are 60-65%, and UBC has some pretty shocking failure rates in 1st year. So be warned, first/second years at UBC is a massive weeding out session.
  • jakebarnesjakebarnes Registered User Posts: 70 Junior Member
    To echo the poster above me, UBC (same with other Canadian schools) does not inflate grades at all. The average student is coming in with an A average will drop to around a C+/C. Some majors/honours programs are incredibly competitive as well, so you're not guaranteed to be able to major in your choice area / choose the Engineering stream you want.

    You can use https://www.secure.pair.ubc.ca/reports/gradesdist_request.action to check course averages for an idea of the curve. I know people who've been told by professors that their departments and the university ask them to maintain a pretty steep curve. Generally, if a whole class does well on a midterm or a final, the department will make sure that exam is far more difficult the next time around.
  • anikau31anikau31 Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    hi all
    I will be applying to ubc for my engineering graduate studies next year hopefully. I would like to know whether paper publications in the undergraduate level play decisive role in admission. and if attending technical workshops play a role? thanks
  • MOB123MOB123 Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    I am a student of British pattern in the last year of my A'Levels..I plan to apply to University of British Columbia, Canada. What is their typical offer for their Mechanical Engineering course?
    Although on their website they only give the minimum requirement to apply.
  • ZYXWTUVZYXWTUV Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    So if I have like a 3.7 unwieghted gpa and a 1450 on the sat, would I get into land and food as an American student?
  • jahdudejahdude Registered User Posts: 50 Junior Member
    As a recent alumni of UBC, I think I can weigh in on this. As some people have said, getting into UBC is fairly easy, however staying in is a whole another story. I know so many people who, in their first year, flunked out for one reason or another (partying, not going to class, or just not being able to do the work). UBC, like many Canadian schools, does not inflate grades (it is a bit easier than UofT though, as far as I know, UofT kills grades). Generally, course averages are around 72 (they go up in 3rd year and 4th year a bit), in engineering its more like 65. Now a 72% is a 2.95/4.33 scale, and 65% is 2.5/4.33 scale. So as you can see, not that easy.

    In terms of getting in, when I applied i applied with a 3.65 GPA, SAT1 of 2030, SAT Math 1, Math 2 and Physics of 700+ each (don't remember exact scores). I also did IB (HL Math, Physics and Econ). Anyway that was my profile and I got in within 3 weeks. I would assume that a 3.5 with an SAT score of 1900 would be enough for arts/forestry/land and food systems. For Sauder (business) it would have to be higher (fairly competitive to get into, great faculty though and a very motivated and involved student body), so more like 2000+ and a 3.6, same goes for Science. If it matters to you, UBC also has the biggest greek system in Canada, with a fratenrity village (frat row), where we have 9 fraternities and 8 sorrorites.

    I think you should be able to get into LFS, your GPA is good, your SAT is also fairly good, although tbh dont know much about LFS but dont think its one of the hard ones to get into.

    Also, fyi, UBC now has a broad based admissions system, so now you do have to write essays, have EC's and etc, so its not only about grades (Sauder, back when I applied was broad based admission, but other faculties werent, now all of UBC is as far as I am aware).
  • lilahkklilahkk Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    So I'm American & my GPAs are in the 2s not I'm an IB & AP student, I have a lot of ECs, 4s on my AP tests, and am a fourth estate leading activist. Do you guys think my chances are low if getting into UBC. Its my dream school by right now I think I'll focus on UAlberta and ISaak do u think I wld have good chances there?
  • jahdudejahdude Registered User Posts: 50 Junior Member
    I would say that you have a fairly low chance at both UBC and UofA. UBC is easy to get to considering its reputation and international rankings, that does not mean it is not selective. The people who do apply there usually meet the cut-off marks (in Canada, well at least Canadian applicants, there are percentage/GPA cut-offs, where if you are below that minimum required grade you are not even admitted), so even though UBC has a fairly high admit rate, I am sure that part of this is attributed to the people applying, meaning those who do not meet the cut-off do not even bother applying cuz well, whats the point of spending time and money on an application when there is little to no chance). So thats why I think it has a fairly high admit rate (50% ish if I am not mistaken). In terms of how they would evaluate an American applicant, I dont know. Not sure if the cut-offs would apply to you as well. However, with a GPA of a 2 you will have trouble, unless if your Grade 12 GPA is high (well more accurately Gr11 and 1st term of Gr12). A lot of EC's are good, but even though UBC has broad based admission, I still do not think it is to an extent as US institutions where amazing EC's can make up for a very low mark (no offence). It is good, however, that you are getting 4's on your AP's, that will show the adcom that you are capable.I would also advice that you take that SAT and submit it (i think American applicants may be required to submit an SAT/ACT but I am not sure on this), but regardless of if u have to or not, I still would prepare for an SAT and try and do well on it (2000ish), this should show them that you are capable and will make up for your low GPA. If you do that, then maybe you have a decent shot at getting into UBC. But honestly, with a 2.x GPA, I really dont know how good your chances are (imo very low), so make sure you take more AP's, take the SAT. You need to find other ways to compensate for yoru low GPA, and I believe that AP's and SAT will be able to do that.
  • ReboundRebound Registered User Posts: 14 New Member
    I'm thinking about applying to UBC, what are my chances?

    9 : 3.3
    10 : 2.7
    11: 3.0
    12 : probably 3.5 - 4.0

    ACT : 31

    APs : 4 in WorldH & U.S. H ; 5 in Enviro Science. Taking AP Micro/Macro Econ and Gov this year.

    ECs : Football grades 9 and 10, none junior year, and a part time job through senior year

    Also I was expelled freshman year for possession K2 (synthetic weed) in school, allowed to come back the next year, and over the course of highschool have completely changed my habits, grades and friends for the better.
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