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Housing Offer Questions

XxPCFxXXxPCFxX 18 replies11 threads New Member
I am an entering Spring Admit freshman, and I was offered a double mini-suite in Unit 1.

I was wondering if I should accept this offer even though I would like to be socially active and be in contact with a lot of other people. Also, if I choose to decline, what other choices would i have?
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Replies to: Housing Offer Questions

  • LiquidusLiquidus 752 replies58 threads Member
    You should have enough socializing opportunities with a minisuite. I think if you decline you have no other choices.
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  • clueless2400clueless2400 436 replies41 threads Member
    lol yeah u DO have other options. if you are mature and not so much like a kid in high school, then I would look into telegraph commons or westminister. you probably won't be surrounded with people who are trying to find themselves. otherwise, dorms might work.
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  • XxPCFxXXxPCFxX 18 replies11 threads New Member
    Okay thank you guys. Where are the mini-suites placed it in Unit 1 in regards to the regular dorms? Does it have its own separate floors or is at the end of each floor or what?
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  • clueless2400clueless2400 436 replies41 threads Member
    I don't think so. My friend is in clark kerr and she doesn't like her suitemates because they have other interests, but those three suitemates like each other lol. If I were there, I think I would've liked it. It's really a toss up.
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  • meakamemeakame 614 replies25 threads Member
    Unit 1 has two dedicated minisuite buildings, Christian and Slottman. All 6 floors in those two buildings are minisuites.

    I'm living in a minisuite now, and personally I don't think it's any less sociable than others. My floor is pretty social, we go into each other's suites a lot. We keep our suite door open most of the time. In any case I've visited some of my friends' floors in non-suite buildings and it doesn't seem particularly different, and one of them has said that my floor is even more open than her supposedly-open-door-policy building.

    It really depends on who your floormates are. If they're social, you'll be a social floor, whether you're in minisuites or not. On the other hand, if your floormates don't like talking to others, they're going to have their doors closed all the time.
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  • excelblueexcelblue 1796 replies44 threads Senior Member
    Yeah, they're part of separate buildings.

    However, I do have to say: there are still plenty of opportunities to be social even if you live in a non-social dorm.

    Most of the friends that I still hang out with are people from my classes, project groups, and organizations that I participate in. There just wasn't that much of a connection with the people I dormed with.

    So, you should probably take the offer since it's social enough and still gives you the dorm experience. Just don't be expecting it to be your main source of social life, because in the grand scheme of things, your living situation is not that important.

    If you reject the offer, your other options would be private dorms or apartments. To be honest, a mature-enough freshman should be able to live in an apartment without much issue. The issue is that if you don't actively socialize and start to have issues with your housemates, you're on your own; there's no RA (or structured environment) to step in and help.
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