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social life blah..

NihongoyoNihongoyo 1724 replies530 threads Senior Member
is it just me or is the social life here kind of LAME? I have friends but I feel still like I'm lacking something. Like...a lot of people are very intellectual OUTSIDE of class, which is fine! But. I kind of like to keep classroom stuff in the classroom, is that so unusual?
Also, I feel like I want to meet more people but it's almost march, midterms are coming up...are there ways?
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Replies to: social life blah..

  • Batman17Batman17 3041 replies180 threads Senior Member
    Lol I love when people just realize this. There's nothing to do here at night except for heading out to parties. There's no malls here to just kick it and all the restaurants close by 8 or 9. Blame it on Berkeley and it's little anti-big corps perspective.
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  • Waiting4CollegeWaiting4College 1772 replies194 threads Senior Member
    yeah it sux here at night. so boredddddddd.
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  • gobears10gobears10 134 replies53 threads Junior Member
    Lol really? i'm the opposite. I like to talk about classroom stuff (albeit I'm a poli sci major so the stuff I'm learning is pretty relevant to conversation), but I can't find many people who are interested in learning beyond class.
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  • emilsinclair9emilsinclair9 2529 replies68 threads Senior Member
    @ jeremy: .....As odd as this is going to sound, I think I know you! I kinda put two and two together. Do you live in Wada?
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  • eminemgotrobbedeminemgotrobbed 61 replies13 threads Junior Member
    peps stop complaining!
    chill with ur floormates and do random crap, if ur floor aint chill chill with the floor above or below you.
    if ur not a freshman chill with friends you made, and hopefully ur living with cool people
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  • clueless2400clueless2400 436 replies41 threads Member
    Go to parties and hang out with people there. People are willing to meet random people there usually or make friends with your friend's friends. People in clubs are sometimes nerdy or weird. But then again 99% of berkeley is that!
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  • NihongoyoNihongoyo 1724 replies530 threads Senior Member
    @ emils
    I pm'd you lol.
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