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Grade distributions in prerequisite courses for GPA-based goals

ucbalumnusucbalumnus 83947 replies745 threads Senior Member
https://www.berkeleytime.com/ can be helpful in learning what percentage of students in prerequisite courses for GPA-based goals (e.g. capped major, pre-med) earn grades high enough to be helpful for those goals.

Note: percentages may change in the future as additional semesters' worth of courses and grades are added. Also, many courses may include students who goals are other than the GPA-based goals listed below.

For example, L&S CS requires a 3.3 GPA in CS 61A, 61B, 70. https://www.berkeleytime.com/grades/?course1=2321-all-all&course2=2323-all-all&course3=2327-all-all indicates that the percentage of students earning a B+ or higher is:

49% in CS 61A
59% in CS 61B
47% in CS 70

Pre-meds commonly take Biology 1A, 1AL, 1B; Chemistry 1A, 1AL, 3A, 3AL, 3B, 3BL; MCB 102; Physics 8A, 8B; Math 10A, 10B. Pre-meds typically aim for a 3.7 GPA or higher to have a decent chance of medical school admission. From https://www.berkeleytime.com/grades/ , the percentage earning A- or higher is:

22% in Biology 1A
31% in Biology 1AL
22% in Biology 1B
27% in Chemistry 1A
69% in Chemistry 1AL
23% in Chemistry 3A
88% in Chemistry 3AL
27% in Chemistry 3B
76% in Chemistry 3BL
23% in MCB 102
28% in Physics 8A
28% in Physics 8B
31% in Math 10A
35% in Math 10B
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Replies to: Grade distributions in prerequisite courses for GPA-based goals

  • kjake2000kjake2000 997 replies222 threads Senior Member
    ^ and that is why you don't go pre med to Cal
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 83947 replies745 threads Senior Member
    The economics major requires a 3.0 GPA in the prerequisites: Economics 1 or 2; Math 1A or 16A, 1B or 16B; Statistics 20, 21, 131A, 134, or 140, or IEOR 172, or Statistics C8 and 88; Economics 100A, 101A, 100B, 101B or UGBA 101B, according to https://www.econ.berkeley.edu/undergrad/prospective/freshmen .

    The percentage earning B or higher is:

    56% Economics 1
    60% Economics 2
    61% Math 1A
    58% Math 1B
    61% Math 16A
    64% Math 16B
    52% Statistics 20
    46% Statistics 21
    58% Statistics 131A
    52% Statistics 134
    64% Statistics 140
    88% IEOR 172
    59% Statistics C8
    83% Statistics 88
    65% Economics 100A
    62% Economics 100B
    76% Economics 101A
    79% Economics 101B
    74% UGBA 101B
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  • UndercrackersUndercrackers 892 replies2 threads Member
    Ha, @kjake2000 , the dreams of many a pre-med have been dashed there. Unfortunately, some of the weeder classes for pre-meds are also required for non-med majors, so someone who DOESN'T have to diagnose someone or cut them open still has to suffer through the same soul-crushing chem, bio and physics classes.
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