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How should you prepare yourself for computer science lower division classes at UC Berkeley.

interinfinterinf 0 replies1 threads New Member
I am a transfer student joining in fall 2019. I have a question about how should I prepare myself for the major, mainly for the classes I need to take to declare the major. There are three classes CS 61A, CS 61B, and CS 70.
let me just familiarize you guys with my background
I graduated from high school last year and within one year I finished all the classes that I needed to transfer, basically rushed through every course. for example, I took 4 classes in the summer right after I graduated last year. In high school, I didn't pay much attention to academics. I would only study at the last minute for the exams and the classes were pretty easy. My high school was one of the very low ranked schools in the nation, perhaps that could serve as a factor for me not caring much about studies. However, in my senior year, I became passionate about education. It was like the first time I ever wanted to achieve something in life. I became exceptionally dedicated to mathematics & sciences and wanted to pursue a career in that field. Despite the lack of intellectual environment and being late to ignite the hunger for education inside me I set myself a goal that even If I could not go to a good university right after high school, I will for sure transfer from college to one of the best universities and become one of their best students. This craze drove me to take enormous courses in a very short period. I basically rushed through all of the classes and now I realize that I have not learned much to be competitive enough at UCB. I am always depressed by thinking about how I will be able to handle the rigor of the challenging CS courses for me to be able to declare the major. Usually, the students at UC Berkeley who ace the classes are mainly the ones who have been studying for years. Unfortunately, I have missed a lot of important concepts from the classes while I was rushing, even though I attained a GPA of 4.0 at college. This is not something that makes me feel that I have mastered the subject that I will need to do great in the CS classes at UCB, such as CS 70 and EE16B. I don't want to score average in any CS course because I am obsessed with the subject and I want to do absolutely perfect in all of CS classes, I don't want to merely just pass courses.
Please help me out, I am having trouble sleeping just because of thinking about how I am going to manage because of my very little experience.
In fall I am taking CS 61 A and EE16B.
I have a decent background in python, please guide me step by step how should I prepare to do very well in CS 61A.
I completed Linear Algebra and Differential Equations, It was quite challenging but EE16A seems to be very much challenging compared to what we covered in our course. I also want to let you guys know that I am not a math genius or something, I have also rushed through this course, didn't master the course like I think I should have done to feel confident enough for EE16B. My only experience with circuits is from high school physics.
I haven't taken EE16A and as a transfer student I don't have time to take this course but I really want to prepare myself well for EE16B. Please inform me step by step guide to do very well in this course.
I am dedicated to giving 12+ hours daily to my studies to prepare myself. I am seeking proper guidance on how I need to prepare to ace these courses.
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Replies to: How should you prepare yourself for computer science lower division classes at UC Berkeley.

  • ProfessorPlum168ProfessorPlum168 4184 replies92 threads Senior Member
    First of all, for EE16B, you need a solid understanding of circuits which is usually obtained in EE16A. I would highly recommend taking the EE16A class even if you have taken a Linear Algebra equivalent in CC.

    The best way to prepare for CS61A is by going thru the CS61A.org website and thoroughly going thru the topics. Where people get into trouble is not by going into enough depth into each topic, especially the topics from recursion onwards. Skimming though the course will not get you an A, or even a B.
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