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UC Berkeley's Freshman acceptance rate for 2019 is 16.8%

TownBizz510TownBizz510 21 replies4 threads Junior Member
UC admission rates by campus:

UCLA: 12.4%
UC Berkeley: 16.8%
UC Irvine: 26.6%
UC Santa Barbara: 29.7%
UC San Diego: 32.3%
UC Davis: 39.1%
UC Santa Cruz: 51.8%
UC Riverside: 56.7%
UC Merced: 75.4%
UCLA: 21.59%
UC Berkeley: 25.53%
UC Irvine: 43.97%
UC Santa Barbara: 51.27%
UC Merced: 56.9%
UC San Diego: 56.15%
UC Davis: 57.53%
UC Santa Cruz: 60.88%
UC Riverside: 70.5%
Admission Rates for California Applicants:
UCLA: 11.8%
UC Berkeley: 19.2%
UC Irvine: 21.3%
UC Santa Barbara: 26.9%
UC San Diego: 27.6%
UC Davis: 35.5%
UC Santa Cruz: 42.5%
UC Riverside: 55.8%
UC Merced: 77%
Admission Rates for Out-of-State Applicants (Domestic):
UCLA: 16.5%
UC Berkeley: 17.1%
UC Santa Barbara: 38.7%
UC Irvine: 44.2%
UC San Diego: 59.6%
UC Davis: 62.8%
UC Merced: 72.4%
UC Riverside: 73.9%
UC Santa Cruz: 85.5%
Admission Rates for International Applicants:
UCLA: 8.49%
UC Berkeley: 9.16%
UC San Diego: 29.7%
UC Santa Barbara: 34.6%
UC Irvine: 40.5%
UC Davis: 42.1%
UC Merced: 50.3%
UC Riverside: 69.5%
UC Santa Cruz: 74.5%





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Replies to: UC Berkeley's Freshman acceptance rate for 2019 is 16.8%

  • LMK5LMK5 117 replies11 threads Junior Member
    Great data, thanks.
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  • NhatrangNhatrang 1170 replies1 threads Senior Member
    Wow - OOS for UCB is 17.1% only this year? I remember on average OOS was around 50%.
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  • UCBUSCalumUCBUSCalum 1175 replies4 threads Senior Member
    > 50% must have been 30+ years ago.
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  • NhatrangNhatrang 1170 replies1 threads Senior Member
    My bad - looked up the stats for OOS last year was a little over 22%
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  • califmom23califmom23 45 replies5 threads Junior Member
    From total applications UCLA admitted only 15% in state, 23% OOS and 13% intl.
    Incoming class looks like this: 56% in state, 30% OOS and 14% intl.
    From total applications Berkeley admitted 20% in state, 22% OOS and 8% intl.
    Incoming class looks like this: 62% in state, 29% OOS and 9% intl.
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  • TreeAlumTreeAlum 116 replies3 threads Junior Member
    @califmom23 Where did you figure out those numbers for the incoming class? You can't just use the admitted numbers because the yield is very different for in state and out of state. I think the last time I looked, the OOS yield for UCLA was around 20%, hence why they seem to accept more OOS students. UCLA's instate yield was at least double, maybe even 50%. I think Berkeley has a slightly higher yield for OOS. The OOS yield probably has gone down since the State legislature disallowed financial aid to OOS students.
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  • califmom23califmom23 45 replies5 threads Junior Member
    @TreeAlum you’re absolutely correct! It is the admitted numbers and not the students attending. Thank you for the correction. My apologies everyone. :neutral:
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  • CU123CU123 3701 replies77 threads Senior Member
    One thing is for sure UCLA has firmly moved into that number 1 slot in the state of California.
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  • ProfessorPlum168ProfessorPlum168 4184 replies92 threads Senior Member
    based on what?
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  • LMK5LMK5 117 replies11 threads Junior Member
    I believe the next ranking list for USNWR will be released in September. It will be interesting to see how the adjusted alumni donor numbers affect UCB's spot. I hope it can at least retain the #2 public university slot.
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