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Berkeley #1 for IT developers

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Here’s a real ranking based more on empirical results:


The world’s top universities for IT developers — based on the skills employers want
Top university rankings rarely diverge far from the usual institutions that have for centuries produced top talent across various traditional industries.

But when it comes to shaping minds for the jobs of the future, there’s some new competition.

That’s certainly the case for the developer industry, according to a new study, which has turned traditional analysis on its head to focus on graduates’ skills rather than universities’ quality of research and teaching.

The report from HackerRank, a technical hiring platform, ranked universities across four important technical skills most sought by employers to determine the top universities for developers across North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, and found some interesting outliers.

The four skills measured were:

problem solving
language proficiency
data structures knowledge
computer science (CS) fundamentals.
The research, which is based on over 1.4 million assessments completed by students on HackerRank’s platform between January 2017 and June 2019, contrasts with traditional lists, such as the Times Higher Education CS rankings, which focus on factors including teaching, research, international outlook and industry income

Berkeley placed within the top five across all four technical skills areas, well ahead of regular U.S. heavyweights including Stanford, MIT and Princeton.

HackerRank said that was likely because of UC-Berkley’s prominent developer culture and a “CS curriculum which emphasizes working on interdisciplinary real-world projects.”

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