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Chance me Berkeley CLS Undeclared

Art3mlsArt3mls 8 replies5 threadsRegistered User New Member
Background: Chinese, Middle Class, Live in CA
GPA 3.4 UW, 3.6 UC Capped, 3.9 Weighted
Sat: 1520 (Math 800)
Sat 2: Math 800, Physics 750
AP Chinese: 5, Physics: 1 4, Lang: 4,
No really impressive ECs: Just the standard instruments, martial arts, volunteering.
I just kinda want to know if I should even bother applying to Berkeley.
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Replies to: Chance me Berkeley CLS Undeclared

  • HamurtleHamurtle 2534 replies33 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    I wouldn’t advise on applying to Cal. GPA is too low despite decent test scores. And you are in the worst demographic (Chinese male).

    Best chance UCs are Merced and Riverside. UCSC is a possibility.
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  • ProfessorPlum168ProfessorPlum168 4066 replies87 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Race is not a consideration at the UCs.
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  • HamurtleHamurtle 2534 replies33 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    @ProfessorPlum168 nothing to do with race. Most UCB applicants of Chinese descent will be pretty much 4.0 students, making OP atypical. He can apply and press his luck, but it’s not a good idea.

    With that low a GPA, he needs to have some special talent (recruited athlete, national/international recognition).
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  • GumbymomGumbymom 27844 replies155 threadsForum Champion UC Forum Champion
    Some UC statistical data below. UC’s tend to be more GPA focused vs. test focused however UCB also tends to be more holistic than some of the other UC’s. Definitely apply, but you should find some solid Match and Safety schools that you would love to attend.

    2018 Freshman admit rates for UC GPA of 3.40-3.79 capped weighted and not major specific:
    UCB: 1%
    UCLA: 2%
    UCSD: 7%
    UCSB: 8%
    UCI: 7%
    UCD: 14%
    UCSC: 33%
    UCR: 49%
    UCM: 82%
    2019 UC capped weighted GPA averages:
    UCB: 4.23
    UCLA: 4.25
    UCSD: 4.23
    UCSB: 4.16
    UCI: 4.13
    UCD: 4.13
    UCSC: 3.96
    UCR: 3.90
    UCM: 3.73

    2019 Data:
    25th - 75th percentiles for SAT totals:
    UCB: 1340-1540
    UCLA: 1330-1550
    UCSD: 1300-1520
    UCSB: 1280-1520
    UCD: 1230-1490
    UCI: 1250-1510
    UCSC: 1200-1450
    UCR: 1130-1400
    UCM: 1020-1290

    * Very important: Academic GPA, Application essay, Rigor of secondary school record, Standardized test scores
    * Important: Extracurricular activities, Volunteer work, Work experience
    * Considered: Character/personal qualities, First generation college student, State residency, AP/IBLH exam scores
    * Note: Thorough review of academic performance; likely contribution to intellectual and cultural vitality of the campus; diversity in personal background and experience; demonstrated qualities in leadership, motivation, concern for others and community; non-academic achievement in the performing arts, athletics or employment; demonstrated interest in major.
    * LOR's by invitation only as of 2017
    Note that L&S admits students as undeclared; admission to capped majors (e.g. CS, economics, psychology, ORMS, statistics, art practice, and a few others) is by college GPA in prerequisite courses (and portfolio for art practice) after attending for a few semesters.
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  • UCBUSCalumUCBUSCalum 1057 replies4 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    You might consider applying anyway as a high reach school. Since you have good test scores, write a great essay and you never know if you have the lucky charm.
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