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Appeal for Re-Admission after Dismissal 20 yrs. ago & after Successful Retroactive Withdrawal

TranquilAdrenaTranquilAdrena 0 replies1 threads New Member
So this inquiry is specifically for anyone who can comment on the process of appealing for re-admission after dismissal, for disabled students, at UC Berkeley. I'm trying to get a feel of my chances, what to expect, what might help and anything else relevant to the issue. Please forgive the extended nature of the following story. I've summarized it to the best of my ability:

I left UC Berkeley during my senior year in 2004 and moved out of the country to volunteer with an NGO. I returned to the US and to San Francisco in particular, in 2010. I was consulting until 2014 when I fractured my ankle. Though due to an insurance issue (or lack thereof,) I wasn't able to have Reconstruction surgery until 2017. Also as the ankle had healed itself improperly, in that time, few surgeons were confident they could restore movement. The only one was in LA, thus I ended up having to relocate from the Bay Area. Unfortunately in the post-op phase I was given a medication that was contraindicated with one I was already taking. As a result my blood pressure dropped so low that oxygen stopped flowing to my brain, I went into hypoxia and came very close to death. Ultimately, I survived but lost 60% of my hearing, any command of my short term memory and inherited several other neurological issues. Suffice it to say, this prompted my decision to return to undergrad to finish my BA. Originally I intended to simply finish at a CSU but first I wanted to appeal for a retroactive withdrawal of my last semester at Berkeley (being that I left without formally withdrawing.) I didn't have a lot of confidence that it would go through. Yet due to some complications in 2004 that arose from a (chronic) illness I have and since I had medical documentation to back it up, my retroactive withdrawal was successful. I began discussing returning to Berkeley with the Cal advisor who assisted me with the retro withdrawals. He felt that it was something I should pursue. So I took a chance and wrote to the head advisor in my previous department and we began building a plan of action toward a degree in the department. Subsequently I decided to go ahead and appeal for re-admission (after dismissal,) and was put in touch with a second L&S advisor who specifically works with disabled students seeking re-admission. I'm now about to begin my first of two semesters (at CSU Long Beach,) before the appeal. I've worked out, with my department advisor, the courses at CSULB which will transfer for my particular degree at Berkeley. (I also went through a very lengthy process of ensuring all the classes taken during the 2 semesters will also transfer as general upper division units.)

Of course, now the hearing loss and cognitive deficiencies are on top of the chronic illness I already live with, so I was previously a disabled student and am now a (further) disabled student. I'm unsure of whether or not that impacts the ultimate outcome and if so, how much and in what way. So as I previously said, I'm looking for input on my chances, what to expect, alongside anything that might assist me. If there's anyone out there who can offer even remotely relevant input, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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