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Berkeley's social life?

mattbomerfan2002mattbomerfan2002 0 replies2 threads New Member
What's the social scene like at UC Berkeley? I'm from Texas and our state schools tend to have a very active social scene... is it the same for Berkeley? Kinda worried about it because I have heard some negative things about the atmosphere at Cal and the social aspect is very important to me :)
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Replies to: Berkeley's social life?

  • Walter924Walter924 238 replies4 threads Junior Member
    There's been like 4 threads about this in the last week.
    We've determined that the social scene at Berkeley is good enough.
    Have have a frat row. They have parties. Sort of a pain to actually get in the parties if you don't know people in frats or sororities but it's possible.
    There's a ton of clubs.
    I don't know. Define social scene. What do you want us to have and I'll tell you if we have it.
    How's Texas? I'm thinking about moving there if I can get into their grad schools.
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  • DoodlesackDoodlesack 133 replies0 threads Junior Member
    It is the worst, super divided, you never see whites interacting with other races, overall everyone keep it for themselves I'm a transfer student and at the end of each class no one talks to each other, tons of clubs lol there's 3 only. Sometimes I feel like killing myself or wish i was dead because i cant stand Berkeley a single more minute.
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  • UndercrackersUndercrackers 886 replies2 threads Member
    @Doodlesack I'm sorry to hear that - it can very a polarizing school. Either you love it or it eats you alive. It's a large, competitive school, and it can be difficult to feel part of a community in a sea of people if you don't find your "tribe". If you have built a friend based from kids you've known for many years throughout your primary education, it can be daunting to have to start all over in a new environment. Most newcomers are experiencing the exact same thing (except those high schools that send a lot of kids to a college, which happens).

    I disagree about people of different ethnicities mixing at Cal. My (white, somewhat introverted) D's friend group included people from several different racial backgrounds: classmates, roommates, floormates, friends of friends. YMMV, I guess.

    For OP: if you are hoping for a fun-filled 4 years with a little learning sprinkled in, Cal is going to sorely disappoint you. If you give your studies the attention and effort required to do well, there will be enough extracurriculars to fill your off hours. Remember: the key is the degree. Employers know how tough this school is and respect the effort required to get through.
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