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Ask questions about Cal Berkeley here!


Replies to: Ask questions about Cal Berkeley here!

  • Smallz3141Smallz3141 2059 replies90 threads Senior Member
    parking for a freshmen is next to impossible. If you are living in the dorms, then almost certainly no. You can only get a parking space if you are off campus, or dissabled. And even then, parking is not guaranteed and more often then not you will not find a space.

    Honestly, you shouldn't need one. Berkeley has a top-notch public transportation system which is free if are a student. There are buses all over campus and even one that goes to SF. You can also take BART all over the bay area (but that isn't free).

    You can bring a bike, or just walk. No need for a car.
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  • CA2006CA2006 843 replies20 threads Member
    I don't remember the housing preferences... but will try
    Unit 1 double
    Unit 2 double
    Unit 3 double
    Unit 1 mini suite double
    Unit 2 mini suite double

    There is a "cage" to lock and store bikes. I use mine approx 2-3 times a month. They get stolen alot! Bring a cheap one you won't mind losing.

    I think ( can't remember...) the students have use of all the athletic facilities included in student fees. I remember paying $10-$20 for something in Aug. (Sorry, don't remember what is was secifically for...) Each of the dorm complexes have mini gym in them and the campus has a full gym. There's classes you can take, equipment to use, groups to join, sports teams to join.
    Crossroads is the big dining center for the Units. It's closest to Units 1 and 2 (like in between.) Unit 3 has Cafe 3 now (but on limited hrs.) There are other options also and you can use your Cal-1 card in a lot of places on and off campus.
    I don't know about parking permits for freshmen... I don't know many students that have cars. Mine is at home. I was thinking about bringing mine up but the few people I know that have them are always being asked to drive people everywhere! Public transportation is good. The bus is free (incl in student fees.) The subway (BART) will take you into San Francisco. Walking around Berkeley is easy. Regent Scholars are eligible for parking permits, I've heard it is hard otherwise. The city of Berkeley loves giving parking tickets I hear.
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  • style_style_ 15 replies0 threads New Member
    I dont know if this is the appropriate place but I wanted to know whether it would be a better choice to go to UCLA (full ride) than go to UCB( w/ loans).

    I got the Regents Scholarship at UCLA + Financial Aid to cover for 99% of my tuition costs.
    At Berkeley I didnt apply for regents and this is my financial aid summary:

    Fall 2007
    FED.DIR.LOAN-SUB1 FL Loan $1,750.00
    FED SEOG GRANT FALL General $250.00
    FEDERAL PELL GRANT-FALL General $2,130.00
    FEDERAL PERKINS LOAN FL Loan $1,000.00
    UNIVERSITY FEE GRT1 FL General $218.00
    ESTIMATED CAL GRANT B Information $775.50
    BERKELEY UG SCHOLARSHIP Information $4,643.50
    Total Fall 2007 $12,074.00 $8,548.50 $0.00
    Total Spring 2008 is exactly the same as Fall 2007.

    Total for this award year $24,148.00 $17,097.00 $0.00
    I also havent turned in one form (Sibling College Verification form). Would that have an affect on my financial aid if I turned in the form?
    What do you guys think I should do?
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  • karchkarch 616 replies22 threads Member
    Residential standard or premium meal plan?

    Also, any way to cook/bake your own food? Not that it's absolutely necessary.

    And should I bring a mini-fridge?
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  • pinky15pinky15 64 replies15 threads Junior Member
    STANDARD MEAL PLAN I garuntee even standard meal plan is WAAAY too much for most people (berkeley has really good food outside and u end up buying a lot ). Also, they give u plenty of pts for like 2 mealz a day...and i dunno...it seemed like EVERYONE had extra 500 pts at least left over. U can always go to safeway and buy normal people food (its just a buss ride away).

    as for the 3.0 ...u definatley wanna contact and talk to them about it...if u tell them early on and have a reason for it they should b fine w/it. Ive met pesp who did that and still got in! Id just reccomend trying to bring it up a bit--u still have time!
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  • domesodomeso 36 replies16 threads Junior Member
    I got accepted to College of Environmental Design, I want to apply for Haas when I am sophomore, is it better to stay in this college and major in architect or transfer to another college with different major? or go to community college for 2 years and then transfer? Please give me some guidance.
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  • karchkarch 616 replies22 threads Member
    Just how fobby is Cal, assuming it is at all?
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  • lilacsnakelilacsnake 40 replies6 threads Junior Member
    oh yea, i was wondering if there's free internet connection (kinda unlikely) for your comp or laptop in dorms or anything, would you need to go to the library to go online?
    Oh, and so are there places to go to heat/bake food. I remember this question was asked before but i dont think it was answered...
    No hot plates allowed?
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  • CA2006CA2006 843 replies20 threads Member
    The dorms are connected (hard wired) to the Campus. Everywhere else is wireless. It works well just about everywhere. You'll get info later on about what kind of computer specifications you need (before you leave home.)
    Each of the buildings have a full kitchen for students to use to cook and bake. You can bring a mini fridge and microwave. No hotplates though.
    Wait until you find out your room mate situation and work out thr refrig/microwave together. Usually better to go in on one together or each bring one or the other. Same with TV, stereo (if you are going to want one of those.) The dorms have TV's in the lounges.
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  • lilacsnakelilacsnake 40 replies6 threads Junior Member
    wow, i guess i had this serious misconception that college dorms were like hovels or something, cut off from conveniences of the outside world (or home, more like)....
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  • sinewy0495sinewy0495 36 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Can you describe the process of switching the college from Chemistry to L&S?

    Is CoC cut-throat as it has been portrayed all over this forum?

    How close-knit community is CoC, and am I sacrificing any good opportunities by switching to L&S?

    Many premeds do Molecular Bio in L&S according to many threads, and how competitive is being a premed?

    Thank you!
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  • zacsrequiemzacsrequiem 161 replies14 threads Junior Member
    I'm probably going to sound like a broken record, but can someone provide info on switching majors within a college? Specifically, I want to shuffle around in the CED... How soon can that be done? Do I have to complete a semester first?
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  • Waffles?Waffles? 9 replies0 threads New Member
    Hey all!!
    I read on their website about the FPF program requirements....There is a minimum 2.0 GPA requirement in order to enroll for the fall. Does this mean that, with the heavy curving at Cal, if you dont get those grades, you dont get to continue @ berkeley?

    Isn't that almost like gambling then? Isnt there the possibility that your grades don't quite make it, then you have no choice but to try to transfer to another school....and the other school probably isnt going to cut you any slack on those bad grades simply because you came from cal?

    I'm so confused!! ><
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  • karchkarch 616 replies22 threads Member
    Oh, that's a good point. I'd like to know too.
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  • karchkarch 616 replies22 threads Member
    Also, since this forum seems to be most active - how would an internship doing MRI analysis at a primate research center be for a pre-med? Because I have one guaranteed here at Oregon, but is that way off base? How is pre-med advising at Berkeley? I'm not really sure what I should be looking for to fill my freshman-sophomore summer up, seeing as Berkeley doesn't have a medical school.
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  • katalinacmnacha8katalinacmnacha8 89 replies7 threads Junior Member

    I was just accepted Thursday and although I haven't filed my SIR yet, I definitely intend to soon. Anyway, I was taking an AP Computer Programming class this semester but changed to regular Computer Programming. I took AP last semester, but I was failing this semester and basically hated it. I didn't drop the class, because AP and Computer programming are taught at the same time, with slightly different curiculuum, so I won't receive a withdraw F. Basically, the only thing different on my transcript is that there will be no "AP" in front of "Computer Programming." Could this cause my admissions to be rescinded? What about in combination with a 3.2 unweighted GPA?

    I called UCLA before I changed it (Berkeley's hotline is all automated or something), and they said it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but I didn't even get in there so whatever. Anyway, I'm probably overreacting, but just to make sure, what do you guys think?
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  • punkdudeuspunkdudeus . 1199 replies27 threads Senior Member
    call to make sure, as long as u don't get a grade below a c- i think you're fine
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  • Burt's BeeesBurt's Beees User Awaiting Email Confirmation 6 replies2 threads New Member
    So I got into Cal with Chemical Biology, but I really should have researched it more...I didn't know that it was chemistry-centered, not biology-centered! I knew something was up when I opened my letter and it said College of Chemistry....

    So my question is, how can I get out of this college and into the College of Letters and Sciences? Is it even possible? Will I have to take all these hard chemistry + engineering classes + physics (all of which I will no doubt fail)?
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  • elizz1989elizz1989 4 replies2 threads New Member
    okay.. so I got accepted to Berkeley for College of Environmental Design, but I got HORRIBLE grades for the first semester, and I am afraid that I may get rescinded. I am writing a letter notifying of my grades, but I also want to put in my explanations also... Is there a certain format in writing this letter? I mean, if I go too deep into details, will they think I'm just making up excuses? Is the administration understanding for individual situations? please help.. someone!!
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  • CA2006CA2006 843 replies20 threads Member
    Burt: It's easy to transfer out of CofC; get in touch with CofC and request a transfer to L&S, it's not a big deal. You don't need to do it immediately. No one is going to force you into specific classes in the Fall because of your major. Remember though, when you go to L&S you will be undeclared.
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