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Out of State Chance Pleaseeee?

hardworkerhardworker 1045 replies277 threads Senior Member
Out of Stater!

I am a junior - Asian American (great, I know!)

However, unlike most of my peers I am NOT by any means a "math/science" person, though I do love math, I love english/humanities wayyyy more!

Here's a break down of my stats as of right now:

Rank: top 2-3% out 550 people (estimated, could be a little higher) --> though this year, my classes along with ECs have been extremely difficult. So im hoping I can maintain that level even after final exams, which are coming up so soon!

GPA: 4.7 (out of 4 due to weighting)
Class load: hardest possible no doubt!
SAT: Eh. not so hot yet, barely making 2100 on practice exams. However, I have had much better luck with the ACTs - I am constantly scoring in lower 30's on that from practice exams. Planning on taking it in Feb.

EIC of School Paper - first junior to become one in a looong time, i am absolutely certain that the newspaper advisor will write me a first class rec!

Write for other community papers as well, including our cultural one.

Many essay competition awards; won 1st place in state for a newspaper article I wrote. That same article won 4th place nationally at another competiton (which i will not list here for security reasons as you can easily look me up)

Internship at congressman office summer before junior year

Teen Rep on local Youth Commisson - began this system of teen reps to help form better student-community alliances

With members of youth commission helped form young democracts society to promote Obama and help students who can't vote (like me) to still get involved in the poltical scene - created flyers, sent letters of concerns/request to the congressman about issues that bothered us, etc. etc.

500+ volunteer service hours through hospital volunteering (the usual lol), tutoring, after school enrichment program helping for younger children, etc. etc.
Math Honor Society President

NAtional Honor Society

French Honor Society

DECA state winner

What do you think??
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Replies to: Out of State Chance Pleaseeee?

  • hardworkerhardworker 1045 replies277 threads Senior Member
    bump please? :(
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  • LiquidusLiquidus 752 replies58 threads Member
    Just so you know, your UC weighted GPA is different from your high school GPA. UC GPA only counts the UC-certified courses listed here:


    Only use your sophomore and junior classes, and add 1 point for each semester of AP courses, up to 8 points max.
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  • hardworkerhardworker 1045 replies277 threads Senior Member
    Thanks for the info! What do you think of my profile,...do i stand a chance as a student out of state?
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  • andr0128andr0128 User Awaiting Email Confirmation 34 replies28 threads Junior Member
    Your EC's and GPA are great, but seriously work on the SAT score. Although UC B is more holistic than other UC's, they still base most of the info on GPA and SAT's. Remember that applying out of state to UC Berkeley is comparable to other selective colleges like the lower Ivy's (U Penn, Cornell). Work really hard on your SAT's. You already have a good chance, but getting it above 2200 will almost confirm your acceptance.
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  • hardworkerhardworker 1045 replies277 threads Senior Member
    hmm...so I have been prepping more for the ACT as I have found that easier than the SAT...is the ACT looked down upon at UCB

    If I get 30+...wouldnt that be equal to a high SAT score?
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  • andr0128andr0128 User Awaiting Email Confirmation 34 replies28 threads Junior Member
    Yeah, definitely. Go for the ACT instead of the SAT if you do better on it. I'm from in state, and most people take the SAT so that's what I'm hardwired to think about.

    Good luck!
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  • hardworkerhardworker 1045 replies277 threads Senior Member
    Thanks so much andr0128 ! Any other advice?
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  • seanml9seanml9 40 replies9 threads Junior Member
    You have a really good shot at getting in based on your credentials. They seem to like State Champions, so doing that in Deca gives you a boost. I, along with some others at Berkeley, were State Champs in Speech & Debate, Mock Trial, Academic Decathalon, Deca, etc.. Btw, Cal doesn't have letters of recommendation in the application process, which is one less thing to worry about.

    One more thing you REALLY need to focus on are your essays. This is how Berkeley distinguishes between those who are really good and those who are the best. Any admissions officer I've talked to has told me that Cal puts special emphasis on the essay to get passed all those people who have amazing credentials. In other words, make sure your essays are great. Have as many people (i.e. competent teachers/professionals) read them, and you should revise and rewrite them at least three or four times. I know it's cliche, but remember to always have the question in mind, "What makes me different from every other person who's taken a bunch of hard classes, done community service, and is president of a bunch of clubs)?"

    Other than that, I don't think there's much more to know. Since you're only a Junior, you have a good deal of time to get everything sorted out. It's also good to start working on applications early and to budget your time for each one. I tried to take on 12 apps last year, and I really wish I would have spread out my time on each one. And most importantly, don't stress! Lol. It's always a crap shoot with top schools, and more than 90% of people who apply are more than qualified, yet they can only admit 10-20%, so don't feel bad if you are rejected from some places. You are undoubtedly an exceptional student and hard worker, which will be true no matter where you go to school.
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  • deshiskaterdeshiskater 46 replies3 threads Junior Member
    seamml9, that was touching, i seriously just cried
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  • whosthat1234whosthat1234 498 replies56 threads Member
    Lol I don't know if Cal admissions put so much emphasis on essays. My UC essays were a joke, and I still somehow got in. :P
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