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Will ethnicity help?

marmar16marmar16 185 replies43 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 228 Junior Member
Hey, I'm a Black female junior from CA and Berkeley isn't my top choice school - but it'd be great if I got in for Communications. I don't have top-tier stats for it but I think I have great ECs and, of course, I am a URM. It won't be the end of the world if I'm not accepted, but... here is what I've got so far. Please chance me and I'll gladly chance you back.

(Other colleges to chance me at: USC, Syracuse U, NYU, Northwestern, UCSB, UCSD, Cornell, etc.)

GPA UW: 3.83
GPA W: 3.96
UC GPA: 4.05

AP Euro - (I freaked out, failed the exam w/ a 2.)
AP English
I also took a psych course at a CC last summer that I'm told will count like an AP Psych course.
In senior year, I'll be taking...
AP English
AP Stats
AP Gov./Econ.
AP Spanish
AP Studio Art

SAT - I haven't taken the official test yet, but I have a private tutor and am not stopping until I achieve at least a 1960.

- Newspaper: A&E Editor Junior Year, Editor-in-Chief Senior Year (My teacher promised me the position)
- Visual and Performing Arts Academy - Visual Art Major (Countless hours put into college art courses, art exhibitions, etc. In senior year I graduate from the academy with a diploma.)
- By end of senior year, graduate of Ryman Arts @ USC (a prestigious, application-based program for gifted high school artists)
- Junior/Senior Year - "Link Crew" mentor for Freshmen
- Junior Year - Commissioner of Publicity for Helping Hands Club (Club that offers tutoring to students who need it)
- Hundreds of hrs. working at my Church for Arts & Crafts

- Blue Honor Roll all four yrs.
- CSF Gold Member (CA Scholarship Fed.)
- Service Learning Award (completed far beyond the requirements)
- Art Awards - "Best in Visual Art," "Most Improved," etc.

CURRENT CLASS RANK (out of 531): 18 (top 3%)
CURRENT 10-12 RANK: 21

- My recs will, IMHO, be awesome since I am close with both the teachers writing them. One will be from my newspaper advisor and the other will be from my art teacher.
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Replies to: Will ethnicity help?

  • N Y CN Y C 39 replies12 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 51 Junior Member
    It seems like people should know this by now, but

    1) UC's don't read or consider recommendations.

    2) UC's are forbidden by law to practice affirmative action, so your being an URM makes no difference.

    Aside from that, you need your SAT score first to be able to have a good idea of where you stand. 1960 is rather on the low side for Berkeley though.
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  • gdavge2003gdavge2003 29 replies16 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 45 Junior Member
    Average SAT score for Berkeley is 2035.
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  • marmar16marmar16 185 replies43 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 228 Junior Member
    What if I achieved around a 2000?
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