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2009 Berkeley Applications

VolleyballDadVolleyballDad 88 replies10 threads Junior Member
I was told by a sports recruiter that Berkeley received over 86000 applications for this year. That's insane. They were expecting about 55000. Don't know how they will be able to read this many. Crazy.
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Replies to: 2009 Berkeley Applications

  • bartlebybartleby 1162 replies60 threads Senior Member
    I highly doubt that, if we're only looking at undergraduate apps.
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  • VolleyballDadVolleyballDad 88 replies10 threads Junior Member
    No its true. The applications are done by numbers and the recruiting coordinator needs to keep track of the application number for each recruit. The numbers reached over 86k. She also knows the readers as well and also does the interviewing for the Alumni Scholarships. She's been working in and around Cal for over 20 years. She knows what is going on, so I'm sure it's true.
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  • R-DNAR-DNA 230 replies27 threads Junior Member
    blast it....
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  • shalala_lala_lashalala_lala_la 308 replies70 threads Member
    i googled berkeley undergrad application record and it seems like they get many more each year =[
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  • celsius_233celsius_233 252 replies29 threads Junior Member
    dang i feel bad for the class of 09...
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  • sofla951sofla951 272 replies19 threads Junior Member
    I'll have to read this to believe it but it may be true if your including transfer applications. 86000 UG would be insane!.......but crazier things have happened.
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  • TheBlackLanternTheBlackLantern 648 replies124 threads Member
    i am not getting into cal no more.
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  • LeftistHominidLeftistHominid 3541 replies265 threads Senior Member
    Bad economy = people begin to realize education is a good thing = more people apply for college = more people end up getting in = classes get fuller = people take five years instead of four = people come out in more debt than usually = ...

    replace all =s with right pointing arrows.
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  • UCBChemEGradUCBChemEGrad 10221 replies56 threads Senior Member
    ^ You mean like this, "=>" ;)
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  • killthefifikillthefifi 384 replies30 threads Member
    The 86,000 stat does sound reasonable, as bad as it may seem...
    With the crappy economy, who want's to pay to go to an expensive OOS school?
    California residents are more likely to just apply to the number one public school in the nation, which also conveniently offers cheap tuition.

    Now us OOS-ers have an advantage, because no one in their right mind (besides us) would pay the KILLER 45+k a year to attend Berkeley.
    Why pay so much, when you could just go local?

    And since Berkeley maintains a 10% non-california-resident makeup, with the dwindling out of state applicants, there's less people vying for one of those 10% spots.
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  • LeftistHominidLeftistHominid 3541 replies265 threads Senior Member
    ^I think the state legislature and the ad comms would have no problem reducing the OoS seats if the IS applications sky rocket.

    Going to college/grad school/prof. school is a good way to avoid a ****ty economy because you come out far more marketable.

    Hopefully by c. 2020 after I finish graduate school plus Post Doc. the economy could be decent.
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  • druudruu 206 replies15 threads Junior Member
  • fortifyfortify 1131 replies30 threads Senior Member
    holy crap i wont get in then
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  • robbins01robbins01 163 replies44 threads Junior Member
    Holy criminy ...
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  • No QuarterNo Quarter 145 replies97 threads Junior Member
    umm this doesn't mean that applications would neccesarily get more competitive. How many compettive applicants in CA previously wouldn't apply to Berkeley but now want to because of the economy?
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  • sofla951sofla951 272 replies19 threads Junior Member
    ^if this is true how can you say that it isn't going to be more competitive with applications going from 50,000 to over 86,000? Last year at around 48,000 the SAT range was 1280-1500 unsuperscored and a 20% acceptance rate. Also last year it seems they overenrolled somewhat and UC is possibly going to cut enrollment so it is definately going to be much more competitive this year if this is true which I still can't believe until I see a press release saying they received this many applications.
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