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Faculty Walkout on Students and potential Brain Drain on Campus

lagunallagunal 577 replies23 threads Member
I have been reading the Daily Cal newsletter online and am wondering what effect will the All UC Campus Faculty Walkout on Sept 24 have on the students?

I can understand why the faculty is angry about the budget cuts, furloughs, etc. I have read the arguments on both sides. However, what I do not understand is why they are taking it out on the students, except to make their voices heard even more. Seems to me that forcing kids into the politics of running a University is going to make this years' high school seniors question whether or not they even want to apply to the UCs or attend with all of the controversy.

Longer term, I am also wondering what effect the budget cuts will have on the professors at Cal. I have read that five prominent faculty already left UC San Diego this summer (one for Columbia) for higher paying work, and that some Cal profs are already entertaining the idea of leaving for better salaries and offers elsewhere.

So the Walkout may be small (only missing a day of class) in comparison to the big picture (UC quality reduced with potential brain drain), but prospective students are taking notice and wondering how all of this will impact the future of the university and the UC system.
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Replies to: Faculty Walkout on Students and potential Brain Drain on Campus

  • Batman17Batman17 3041 replies180 threads Senior Member
    Everyone applying is going to be wary of UCs/Cal states with the lack of money in California. The furlough days and lack of classes (my friend going to SFSU ended up in a dance class because he couldn't get in to ANY classes) will only hurt Cal public schools more. It's not looking better for next year--or so it seems to me--, and I doubt this walkout will do much other then give me a break from school (and on a Thursday? Hell yeah lol).

    If anything, private schools (although losing money, but still considerably better off) will take this opportunity to try and get some UCB professors like you said(my friend said one of his professors had talked about getting an offer from some ivy league, but he turned it down)

    So do we really have no classes on the 24th? or is it just some professors?
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  • lagunallagunal 577 replies23 threads Member
    I've read that professors may use the class time to educate the students on what the Walk Out is about. But why should students get involved in the politics if they are only going for the education?

    Even after reading Jeffrey Bergamini's letter (UCDavis) to Mr. Yudof (UC President), I still think the students should not be pulled in on this. Faculty can choose to take the furlough days anytime they want and some are actually discussing whether they should use them on SCHOOL DAYS to make the greatest negative impact to put the most pressure on Yudof. Again, why hurt the current students and at the same time, repel future students?

    The link: ucpay.globl.org - Letters and Links
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  • undecidedundecided 1973 replies56 threads Senior Member
    Faculty using class time to support protest is one of the major reasons I transferred from UCSC. I did not appreciate the irony of paying for a class I couldn't attend because the people who get the money were complaining about not getting enough.

    Not that I don't think they have a valid point. Just that I wish they'd make it in a way that doesn't exacerbate said point.
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  • lagunallagunal 577 replies23 threads Member
    After reading all of the articles in the Daily Californian to keep up with the UC Budget cuts, it is hard to digest the Department Cuts (seriously, entire departments are going to be cut), library hour cuts, and a 32% increase in fees (tuition). I am wondering how Berkeley plans to maintain its number one ranking as a public school?
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  • CalBear2009CalBear2009 574 replies12 threads Member
    I hear the archery range is looking for a few blindfolded arrow catchers... Do you ever tire of ****?
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  • CCnewbieCCnewbie 182 replies40 threads Junior Member

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  • lagunallagunal 577 replies23 threads Member
    So is anyone going to school tomorrow to hear what the Faculty is complaining about or are you just gonna sleep in on Faculty Walk Out Day?
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  • sparetiresparetire 681 replies30 threads Member
    ...The walkout's on the 24th.
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  • biomechbiomech 28 replies0 threads New Member
    This is all based on the assumption that private universities have money to hire new faculty. As most privates (including harvard) currently have a hiring freeze in place it seems quite unlikely we're going to see a massive brain drain from Berkeley.
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  • FellowCCViewerFellowCCViewer 3666 replies111 threads Senior Member
    my classes for the 24th are canceled.
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