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UCSD Bio vs UCD Bio Need Advices!!

fangdarrenfangdarren 10 replies7 threads New Member
Ive been accepted to UCSD biology in muir college, and UC davis biological science,
and I can't decide between the two.

I wanted to go to UCSD because i heard that it is actually pretty hard to get into San Diego bio major, since it is an impacted major. Also, Muir college seems like one of the tops among all the six college.

I also wanted to go to UC davis because i heard that people are really friendly in davis, and students there are really happy (which really matters to me). Also davis is close to San francisco and Cupertino, which I may visited quite lot because gf may be there.

Does UCSD have better bio then Davis? I would like to pursue my dream as an environmental and ecology consultant. Please give some advises!!
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Replies to: UCSD Bio vs UCD Bio Need Advices!!

  • beebthe1beebthe1 46 replies2 threads Junior Member
    I'll let other compare the two schools. I'll just say this. In my humble opinion, in making your decision, DO NOT give any consideration whatsoever to where your girlfriend might be. In all likelihood, she will not be your girlfriend in a year or two, while you will be essentially stuck with your college decision. In the unlikely event that she is "the one for you", you can make the relationship work from a distance, travel to each other once-a-month, or return to your relationship later. Just my opinion.
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  • SFS RulesSFS Rules 353 replies1 threads Member
    Bee is correct. Don't make school decision's based upon where your gf/bf live or may be attending school.

    I had a classmate who turned down UCB because his gf did not get in; gf decided on the CCC route so he went to school close to her. He and gf broke up about 1.5 to 2 years later even though their schools were less than 7 miles from each other.
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  • Westee222Westee222 26 replies18 threads Junior Member
    They are both great schools, literally tied in ranking. Visit them both and see what you like better. If you are still stuck pick the one closer to your girlfriend, it will make you happier for the present & you won't regret going to either of these schools if worse comes to worse.
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