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Physics 9B woes

elgozzelgozz 22 replies4 threads New Member
Hey peeps so I'm an incoming transfer student. I got a note saying that I need to take Physics 9B.

Apparently I took the equivalent of 9A and 9C in my CC but I didn't take the class that is equivalent to 9B. This class is keeping me from taking some of my NPB courses since it's a prerequisite in the chain of Physics 9 series.

Now I'm asking because I've already talked to the Physics department and I was told I have to take 9B. Basically I want to know if I can do anything else about this because I REALLY don't want to take Physics 9B, I'm HORRIBLE at Physics and I'm deathly afraid of taking any Physics at a UC. What's scaring me even more is that the 9 series is a step above the 7 series.

I'm probably going to have to taking the class so I want to know if any of you have taken this Physics course?
Math really isn't my strong suit, I guess what I'm really looking for are words of encouragement on the course.
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Replies to: Physics 9B woes

  • JeSuisJeSuis 1846 replies84 threads Senior Member
    Do you need to take 9B? Could you take the 7 series course?

    I took Physics 9A-C, and while they are fairly difficult, I think you can do well with some effort. Physics 9B doesn't have too much calculus (especially compared to 9C) so it's not too mathematically difficult. It's mostly conceptually difficult. You'll be thinking about waves and optics--things you can't exactly see in the physical world.

    Be glad that it's only one quarter! That's only 10 weeks, so even if you do struggle it will be over quickly. Hit the ground running, don't fall behind, and go to office hours if you're confused! No need to be worried before the class even starts. :)
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  • elgozzelgozz 22 replies4 threads New Member
    I was wondering if it would be possible to take 7B instead of 9B, but I don't think I could since it wouldn't fulfill the "chain". I believe some of the NPB courses require the whole chain as a prerequisite and I definitely don't want to get dropped from my classes.

    I'm definitely going to be going to office hours and reading a lot, especially ahead of time. I think it'll be one of those courses that I'm really going to have to focus if I want anything above a C-.
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  • niklasniklas 332 replies66 threads Member
    I know the 7 series covers things differently than the 9 series (I've heard many argue you don't actually learn much in the 7 series) so maybe you'd be learning completely different stuff if you took 7B. Just a thought.
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  • sopranokittysopranokitty 1357 replies16 threads Senior Member
    Speaking as someone who took the 7 series, you really don't learn much in the course at all. I mean, if you learn more from the discussions/labs (called DLs), great, but it doesn't help students who learn more from lectures, and in the 7 series, you do a LOT of the learning in the DLs, because lectures are only once a week (during the summer, it's better because it's 2 times a week), and lectures tend to be behind the DLs, so you may cover a topic in DL that hasn't even been covered in lecture yet. Even my 7C TA believes that the Physics department should drastically change how the 7 series is run.
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