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I don't get the mybills page

fluffybuttfluffybutt 17 replies4 threads New Member
Hi I'm an incoming freshie and I'm confused with the mybills website. I checked right now to pay for my orientation fees and I see under the my account tab amount due: 5k blah blah and estimated fin aid: 8k blah and amount due including estimate aid: 0. Under the ebills tab my current balance is 4k. So how much is this exactly asking me to pay? I'm rlly confused help meee
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Replies to: I don't get the mybills page

  • PhantomVirgoPhantomVirgo 1051 replies37 threads Senior Member
    Mine's doing the same thing, and someone else (also a freshman, I think) posted about it too. I think it's a case of the bills still processing or something, considering the fact that the total amount due doesn't seem to include Student Housing fees in your guys' cases. Don't quote me on that, but that's what I'm gathering from what I've seen.

    Edit: I just checked mine again, and they changed the overall amount due within the past 24 hours. So yeah, looks like it's just not entirely ready yet. You should get an email to your Davis email when it is.
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  • 3younguns3younguns 153 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Just wait for the bill to come out.
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  • fluffybuttfluffybutt 17 replies4 threads New Member
    Thanks guys :D
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  • niklasniklas 332 replies66 threads Member
    If you get full aid then nothing, otherwise there will be a $ amount to pay. If it is a negative amount, the school will pay you that much (this happens when you get a lot of aid because they don't expect any contribution from you).
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