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Housing assignment glitch

FitnessGuruBBerFitnessGuruBBer 13 replies9 threads New Member
Ok, when i submitted my housing request I put only double rooms, no triple for first second or third. I got Cuarto, thoreau as my dorm. And I look and there are 7 other people, meaning its an 8 person suite. So, me and another guy agreed to be roomates beforehand, so he was in my roomate group. And when i got the housing assignment, it showed that me and him are in a triple, which makes no sense because we only put doubles down, and we are in the 8 person suite, so there are only 4 doubles correct? so how can we be in a triple, especially since that wasnt even on the housing form..
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Replies to: Housing assignment glitch

  • kikyka16kikyka16 9 replies4 threads New Member
    Hmm... it may not be a glitch because I have heard of Davis making single rooms into doubles because they didn't have enough space. That may be what happened to you in a sense. I think they just grouped you with a random guy to maybe save space? Not completely sure but that's kind of what it sounds like. However, I didn't even put Cuarto in my first, second, or third choices in my housing assignment and got thrown into there... Not to mention the other places had more openings at that time... The website says Thoreau is mostly doubles though...

    Thoreau Hall
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  • PhantomVirgoPhantomVirgo 1051 replies37 threads Senior Member
    Thoreau is indeed mostly doubles, but from what I've seen there is usually at least one triple in each suite, if not two. I was in Thoreau last year and my suite had two triples, one that I was in (voluntarily). The other two rooms were doubles. And yes, I did request Cuarto, unlike most people who end up there.

    It's not uncommon to be put in a triple even if you didn't request it, simply due to the size of the incoming class and the amount of housing needed. You might be in an RA's suite; they have singles. Assuming that's the case, there's you, the RA, and two doubles for a total of 8. Don't quote me on that, but that's my guess based on what you've said.
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