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Hardworker223Hardworker223 24 replies2 threads New Member
Hey guys...! I didn't see a thread for UC Davis so I made one!
What are your guy's stats?
Mine is:
Major: Managerial Economics
TAG?: Yes!
GPA: 3.89
Major GPA: 4.0
EC: President of a few clubs relating to my major and positions in student government.
Essays: 8/10 so far but I have a few months to make them perfect!
Applying to: UC Davis, UCLA, UC Berkeley
Hopeful regents scholar?

Let's help each other out guys! Good luck to everyone and your endeavors!
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  • justin7473justin7473 250 replies41 threads Junior Member
    Major:civil engineering
    TAG: no (found out you need all english completed by this fall :-L )
    GPA: 3.74
    EC: Intern at SWRCB-DDW (civil engineering place), PALS tutor, MESA tutor, Personal tutor, Engineering Club, and Bike Club.
    applying to: Cal Poly SLO (#1), UC Davis (#2), UCSD (#3) TUM and TUB (in Germany)

    so even though I don't have the TAG anymore, my GPA is still really competitive to get in, right??
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  • NCalRentNCalRent 6411 replies14 threads Senior Member
    edited September 2015
    With that GPA and a solid application, you should have no trouble transferring to a school like Davis unless you miss some pre-reqs. Be sure you have the right classes under your belt. The Tag framework should be the perfect guide.

    Frankly, you are a good candidate for LA too.

    Nonetheless, it boggles my mind why you wouldn't take the classes needed to be TAG eligible.

    Good luck.
    edited September 2015
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  • velairivelairi 19 replies0 threads New Member
    Major: Managerial Economics
    TAG?: Yes
    IGETC: will be done by spring
    Prereq: Will have completed most except 1 by spring
    GPA: 3.31
    Major GPA: 3.37 (is this the UC gpa? idk i just calculated with the transferable courses on assist)
    EC: Tennis club, SAMASchool, super recent is AGS member, Outdoor Enthusiast member
    Work: Student Ambassador
    Applying to: UC Davis, UCSC, UCI, UCSB, UCM
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  • boxandwhiskersboxandwhiskers 540 replies18 threads Member
    Major: psychology
    TAG?: yup
    IGETC: done by Spring
    Prerequisite: finished with all major prereqs by end of this semester.
    GPA: 3.5
    EC: suicide hotline volunteer, homeless outreach street team, planning on doing Philosophy club this semester
    Work: laid off :(
    Applying to: Davis, Berkeley (probably not going to get in), SFSU, CSU Northridge, SDSU
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  • SkivarSkivar 9 replies2 threads New Member
    edited September 2015
    Major: Computer Science
    Community College: De Anza
    TAG: Yup!
    IGETC: Done by Spring
    Pre Requisites: By Spring I'll have everything except three math classes done.
    Extra Activities: Two internships (one from August 2014, to February 2015 and another from November 2014 to the present). English tutor (I will start Fall 2015).
    GPA: 3.71
    Applying to: UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Davis, UC Irvine, San Jose State, Cal Poly SLO, University of Toronto.

    Suggestions and feedback would be greatly appreciated; if anyone has questions feel free to ask! :)
    edited September 2015
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  • NCalRentNCalRent 6411 replies14 threads Senior Member
    You are a very strong candidate for all of them. Good luck.
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  • GoldpigGoldpig 13 replies4 threads New Member
    Major: computer science
    GPA by summer 2015: 3.20
    IGETC: may done in spring 2016
    Pre courses: will done everything by spring 2016
    apply admission: uc davis, uc santa baraba, uc santa cruz, ucb, sf state, san jose state
    everyone know how computer science is in davis. I don't know if I have a
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  • GoldpigGoldpig 13 replies4 threads New Member
    my gpa meets 3.20 by summer 2015, but I don't know if I can be accepted by uc tag davis?
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  • SkivarSkivar 9 replies2 threads New Member
    @Goldpig I think you will be fine as 3.2 is the minimum for the college of letters and science and you have met that requirement before the application opened. Hopefully we both get it! :)
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  • NVchemeNVcheme 4 replies0 threads New Member
    Major: Chemical Engineering
    TAG: Yes
    IGETC: Yes
    Prereq: Done by spring.
    GPA: 3.5
    EC: Chem Club, Women in Science Club, Garden Club, MESA tutor
    Applying to: UC Davis, UCI, UCR, UCLA
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  • EmteaaaEmteaaa 17 replies3 threads New Member
    Is there a Facebook page for Fall 2016 Transfers?
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  • SkivarSkivar 9 replies2 threads New Member
    I didn't notice one. My guess is that it will be made closer to when acceptances are sent out.
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  • CzeromoolCzeromool 18 replies0 threads Junior Member
    MAJOR: Economics
    IGETC: Missing 2 class, but will be finished by Spring.
    Major Prep: Done by Spring 2016.
    GPA: 3.04,
    Essay: 9/10
    ECs: Working part time
    Applying to: UCD, UCR, UCSB, UCSD, UCSC, Cal Poly Slo, SF State, CSULB

    More than likely I'll get into my safety state schools.
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  • insolusinsolus 25 replies1 threads New Member
    Major: Statistics
    GPA: 3.72
    Assist Pre-req: Done by Spring 2016
    IGETC: Done by Winter 2016
    TAG: Yes
    EC: Past - Math tutor at my college, part time work at a charity org, sales/tech at a retail store, powerlifting.
    Current - Powerlifting
    Applying to: UCB, UCLA, UCSB, UCSD, UCD. Haven't really looked in-depth at any schools outside of the UC system.

    Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.
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  • sunshinesbsunshinesb 2 replies1 threads New Member
    Major:Biochemistry & Molecular biology
    GPA: 3.34
    IGETC: Done
    Tag: Yes
    Major prep: Almost everything will be done by Spring 2016 besides physics.
    ECs: Volunteer at Lifestream, a hospital, and animal shelter. Also in the Latina Leadership club, Circle K club, & the health profession clubs.
    Applying to: UCD, UCSB, UCSC, UCR, Cal Poly Pomona, CSUSB, CSULB
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  • musicallyweirdmusicallyweird 45 replies1 threads Junior Member
    UC Davis
    GPA: 3.5
    IGETC: Only 1 class left!
    TAG: yes!
    ECs: part-time, volunteer work over summer
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  • littleone23littleone23 16 replies0 threads New Member
    Major: International Relations
    GPA: 3.2
    IGETC: Done this fall!
    Tag: Yes
    Major prep:
    ECs: Volunteer at Lifestream, a hospital, and animal shelter. Also in the Latina Leadership club, Circle K club, & the health profession clubs.
    Applying to: Davis

    also, my friend told me she received an email regarding missing information which means our TAGs are being looked at right now!! so nervous!
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  • HmongNotMong101HmongNotMong101 77 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Guys! I need help.

    I took a Communication class at CSU Fresno, now I'm at a CC. That Communication class is transferable to the CC that I'm at and that same Communication class at the CC is also transferable to Davis. Is it safe to assume that the class I took is transferable to Davis as well?
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  • littleone23littleone23 16 replies0 threads New Member
    great thats what i get for copying and pasting! my major prep & EC's is all wrong, didn't notice in time to edit.
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  • napapapanapapapa 178 replies6 threads Junior Member
    edited October 2015
    @HmongNotMong101 I'd assume so. The UCD rep at my school saw I spent a year at a CSU, where I did things like Comm/English and she thought I'd be fine.

    Also she said they're trying to get TAG decisions out before 11/15.

    Edit: Shouldn't this be moved to the UC Transfer sub-forum?
    edited October 2015
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