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Need Advice on Nursing Path at UC Davis

california3456california3456 2 replies9 threads New Member
So I am an incoming freshman at UC Davis. I have wanted to study medicine and become an orthopedic surgeon since seventh grade due to my interest in it. However, this summer I have came to the conclusion that it is not a profession for me. I can not see myself taking 12+ years to become a orthopedic surgeon because it has been my dream and then not enjoy what I am doing for the rest of my life. So now I am leaning more towards becoming a CRNA or NP. The problem with this is that UC Davis does not have a nursing program for a BSN and most CRNA or NP programs in the state require that. So should I just continue pursuing my biochemistry degree at UC Davis and then go to an accelerated BSN program after or is that a waste of time? Also it would be very much appreciated if you guys could give me other alternative paths that I could take such as transferring and when to do it. Thank you in advance.
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Replies to: Need Advice on Nursing Path at UC Davis

  • GumbymomGumbymom Forum Champion UC 30516 replies417 threads Forum Champion
    1) The fastest way to get to your goal, would to take the Nursing school pre-req's either at UC Davis or preferably a community college if finances are an issue and then apply to a Nursing school as a transfer after 2 years.

    2) Another option is to take a Gap Year, apply to the direct admit Nursing programs and start as a Freshman next year.

    3) If you are still not 100% sure about Nursing, then getting your Undergrad degree at UCD and then going the Accelerated BSN route after might be the best option.
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