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Chances of getting into UC Davis?

em171232em171232 5 replies2 threads New Member
Animal Science Major
Unweighted: 3.826 (school transcript)
Weighted: 4.478 (school transcript)
UC Weighted and Capped GPA: 4.00
SAT: 1450 (780 English/670 Math)
ACT: 33 (36 E/36 R/32 M/28 S)
Subject Tests: 730 English Literature, 760 Chinese with Listening
In-state, Private Christian School (no rank given)
Senior Year Classes: AP Chemistry, AP Macroeconomics, AP Government, AP Literature, World Religions, Calculus
First Generation

Volunteering at 2 local animal shelters (200+ hours)
Volunteering as a TA (200+ hrs)
Volunteering at library (80 hrs)
3 Academic Awards
Varsity XC & Track, Frosh Girls Volleyball
Participation in school musical
USC summer program
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Replies to: Chances of getting into UC Davis?

  • NCalRentNCalRent 6320 replies14 threads Senior Member
    I'd say coin toss at best, you are a match UCSC and UCR. CPP would be a good alternate
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  • GumbymomGumbymom Forum Champion UC 29815 replies318 threads Forum Champion
    2018 Freshman admit rates for UC GPA of 3.80-4.19 capped weighted and not major specific:
    UCD: 41%

    2019 Average Capped Weighted GPA:
    UCD: 4.13
    25th-75th percentiles: 4.00-4.26

    2019 Data: 
    25th - 75th percentiles for SAT totals:
    UCD:    1230-1490

    25th - 75th percentiles for ACT composite + language
    UCD:     24-33

    Your test scores are above average, GPA below average but your overall application looks competitive.

    UCD looks like a possible Match school.

    Best of luck.
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  • firmament2xfirmament2x 526 replies4 threads Member
    edited November 2019
    @em171232 . . . I have a question and a couple of thoughts, if I may...

    1. What makes up the difference between your school-transcript weighted-gpa of 4.478 and your UC gpa of 4.00?

    You'd get some bonus points to Davis for being 1st generation, and you're making up for lost APs from your soph and jr years currently. You seem to be more right-brain, and I'm sure Animal Science would have some calculus, but it'd be less rigorous compared to engineering or pure math calc.

    These are why I think UC Davis might admit you. . . edit: besides the fact that your stats are otherwise excellent! All the best...
    edited November 2019
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  • em171232em171232 5 replies2 threads New Member
    @firmament2x I don't really know... I know that my school calculates a few mandatory religion courses into the GPA that the UC schools may or may not count. I also do have APs for sophomore and junior year that I completely forgot to list.
    Sophomore year: AP Bio, AP World History
    Junior year: APUSH, AP Stats, AP Psych, AP Lang
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  • em171232em171232 5 replies2 threads New Member
    @Gumbymom Thank you!
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  • GumbymomGumbymom Forum Champion UC 29815 replies318 threads Forum Champion
    It really does not matter how your HS calculates your GPA. My son’s HS included “honors” courses with weighting in their GPA which were not UC approved so their GPA was artificially inflated. If your UC unweighted, capped weighted and fully weighted are calculated correctly, then you are fine.

    Good luck, have a well balanced college list and make sure you have a couple of safeties.
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  • firmament2xfirmament2x 526 replies4 threads Member
    @em171232 . . . glad to hear your soph/jr UC GPA was deflated by those APs you didn't include, and because of this, your admissibility should be significantly increased.

    All the best.
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