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What's Up With The Construction?!

ProphasiProphasi 277 replies35 threads Member
I was just reading up on Davis Wiki about all the construction and I must say, "Damn!" There really is a lot of new buildings/renovations. Also, are the other UC's going through this much construction? I don't really read up on any other campuses. The new Stadium, GSM, and Hotel/Conference Center artist renderings all look spectacular. It seems as if UC Davis "is on the come up" architecturally.
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Replies to: What's Up With The Construction?!

  • megathundermegathunder 924 replies90 threads Senior Member
    Yea, its pretty kickass. Ive also heard from a couple people(who probably just like talking like they know ****) that Schwarzenegger is pumping money into Davis.

    Either way, Davis is now the most expensive UC so that money better be going to good use. And judging by the construction it is.

    Cant wait to see the Ags whoopass at the new stadium. Woooo! Im too excited right now...better go to sleep..
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  • SSVSSV 103 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Schwarzenegger pumping money into Davis? Hah! He's the reason that our tuition goes up by $1000 or more every year. You or your parents are going to pay $8128.5 for your tuition this year. Do you know what it was last fall? $6400. The year before that it was even cheaper, in the $5000s somewhere I think. A while back, we got this nice letter from the chancellor saying that he was going to enter into "special negotiations" with Schwarzenegger to protect our school. Well, you can see the good that did. As for who is paying for the new buildings? Look at the breakdown of your student fees, and you will see a couple items along the lines of "Campus Expansion Initiative." We, my friends, are paying for our new buildings, aside from a few generous donations from people like Mondavi. Not that I begrudge future generations a new stadium or anything, but when I first entered UCD, all the older students lectured us on how it we shouldn't be tempted to get jobs, because our grades should come first. Now almost everyone I know works, and it has gotten to the point where more than a few people's jobs are coming before their grades, not because of their attitude toward school, but out of necessity to stay in school. As far as being treated by the state goes, all of California's public college students have joined the ranks of California's teachers, nurses, firefighters, and police officers.

    Sorry for my rant... I couldn't help it! :-)
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  • Airforce-DavisAirforce-Davis 8 replies0 threads New Member
    The UC tution is a bargin. Compared to other State U's the UC are much cheaper. Besides having the tution go up a little helps with the education inflation thats going on. Too many people are going to college and getting degrees in stupid things. Pysch for an example is jammed with people, many of them dumb a sses . A college degree these days is like a high school degree 20 years ago. We need more people getting degrees in technical, sciences, and other degrees like econ/buiss.... not these liberal arts and humanities degrees.
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  • TTTRTTTR 190 replies23 threads Junior Member
    Democrats = bad for california...
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  • megathundermegathunder 924 replies90 threads Senior Member
    If a democrat wasnt governing California then this state would be in chaos..
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