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Easy A's

pupsterspupsters 41 replies28 threads Junior Member
hey aggies,
im gonna be a fresh this yr and was wondering about just a few classes that are known as easy A's, if there are such things, just to sorta pad a gpa, like wat are the easiest classes at campus, i wanna take like one or two easy A's per yr....thanks
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Replies to: Easy A's

  • Original NameOriginal Name 230 replies4 threads Junior Member
    If I were you I'd try to limit myself to GE classes in my search for easy A's, that way you actually get something out of it instead of just a grade boost. From there you could cut out the ones that don't seem interesting and then further limit it by using ratemyprofessor.com.
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  • ilikeorangesilikeoranges 624 replies43 threads Member
    Take some basic computer classes, I hear that they teach you how to use word.
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  • PearlinthemistPearlinthemist 695 replies2 threads Member
    some popular "easy A" GE classes are NUT 10 (nutrition 10) and HD 12 (human development: sexuality). You might choose to do "double dipper" or "triple dipper" GE classes and work a little harder so you have to take less GE classes to satisfy all the requirements. (for example native american studies 5 satisfies arts & humanities, writing, and diversity GE's all in 1 class - and as I remember there were only 2 short writing requirements and an inclass essay for the final, I don't remember the professors name, I think it started with an H? But it was an moderatly easy A as a freshman)
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  • bjwbellbjwbell 171 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Linguists 1 is a fairly easy A, if you put in the work. It had a scantron midterm and final, with two fairly short essays and some homework each week.
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  • YenYen 156 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Anything that you're savy in, i'd say take the intro class for it. I.e., if you're musically inclined, take an intro theory class.
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