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Economics - UC Davis or UC San Diego?

AdamantoiseAdamantoise 231 replies17 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
After being accepted to both schools, I'm torn on which to choose. I have been leaning towards UCSD lately after hearing that it had a better economics program and an overall better ranking. But, because I live in the Bay Area, UCSD is quite far from home, while UC Davis is far, but close enough so that transportation costs home is a lot less.

I am planning on majoring in economics, and would like to have a career in finance/sales. I'm just planning to get a Bachelor's right now, probably an MBA sometime in the distant future.

I have visited Davis's campus and really liked it. I loved the bicycle-centric community, but I disliked the rural feel.

I have never visited San Diego's campus, and I may be able to before May 1st, but not guaranteed. I've been to three UC campuses so far (UCB, UCSC, and UCD) and I've liked them all, so I don't think the campus itself will be a major problem for me. One thing I am worried about is the supposedly boring social life? I'm not that shy but not super outgoing either, and I've read that there aren't many activities in San Diego.

So what it comes down to for me is(most important to least important):
1) Quality of education and availability of job opportunities in the future
2) Social Life, general "feel" of the campus, activities
3) Distance from home (is it that bad? I'm not really one to get homesick, but still)

Oh, and I was accepted to Warren college in UCSD.
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Replies to: Economics - UC Davis or UC San Diego?

  • justmyviewjustmyview 164 replies4 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    It's true that SD's economics program is good. However, if you are considering switching to business at any point keep in mind that SD does not have an undergraduate business major (although it does have a graduate school of business, Rady's). The closest option you will have is management science. That being said...

    1)Many people don't seem to do well in the introductory Econ classes, as the material is fairly difficult. However, what I find here is how well you do largely depends on how much effort you are willing to put into studying the material, not necessarily innate intelligence. For example, my roommate is an Econ major and she gets A's with a moderate amount of effort. The classes often consist of hundreds of students, but TAs and professors both have office hours so it shouldn't be too hard to seek help. As for the teachers, some are fantastic and some are less than. Luckily, you get to choose your profs so opt for the good ones if you can manage to.
    2)If you really want a school that gets pumped up over sports you won't find it here. However, there are plenty of laid-back, pleasant people here, and many of them do enjoy being at the school. As for the activities, there's the beach and there are a few shopping centers close by. The city of San Diego is about an hour's bus ride away and it's pretty cool. There's lots of nice restaurants, shopping places, clubs, etc. However, when it comes to finding friends you'll have to take the effort to join clubs/frats and to socialize. Even if you're not a social animal you will find a good group of friends if you introduce yourself to people. It might seem scary at first, but before long you'll find that most people want to get to know you. If you're really into partying sometimes SD hosts dances, but mostly you'll have to go to a friend's place or you can go to SDSU. The Warren dorms are designed so a group of <10 boys/girls can live together in close quarters so that can make for fun times. My suitemates and I have slowly gotten to know each other and now we spend hours talking to each other each day.
    3)I'm a Norcaler as well, and I've found that you do get a little homesick towards the end of each quarter, but overall it's not that bad. Just call home frequently and you'll be fine.

    Warren is a pretty good college so no worries there. For more information on it I recommend reading the UCSD CC board. Good luck to you wherever you choose to go!
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  • AdamantoiseAdamantoise 231 replies17 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Wow! Awesome post, very informative! I'm quite active on the UCSD forum already (UCD's is pretty much dead).

    I don't think I'll be switching to business, so no worries (I don't really even know what a business career entails -- the term has become so broad nowadays).

    I have talked with my parents and thought it over a bit after reading your lovely post, and I think I will probably head to UCSD! :) I was already pretty sold on going there, but I just wanted to get more input and reassurance. I'd still love to hear more on Davis and SD if anyone would be so kind as to add to the discussion.
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  • $KingsElite$$KingsElite$ 2316 replies7 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Maybe Davis has a "rural" feel, but it's in no way rural. I think Davis and UCSD have remarkably similar types of locations minus the ocean for Davis. Both are located roughly 15-20 minutes from downtown San Diego/Sacramento. Both are large campuses. Both are in residential type areas. Davis is more of a college town though. It's really why you have to visit UCSD if possible.
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  • AdamantoiseAdamantoise 231 replies17 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    I'll try, but I have no relatives in the surrounding area so my parents are reluctant to let me go down there by myself.
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  • RaymondLauRaymondLau 2 replies0 threadsRegistered User New Member
    If your major is economics, I recommend you go to UCD. I am studying structuring engineering at UCSD. The social life here is boring than I expected. However, I am happy with my major. My friend at UCD told me there are a lot of good programs and internships for economic major there.
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  • uclastudennnntuclastudennnnt 233 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    This is from 2011 lol
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