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UC Optometry Chances

101001000101001000 13 replies11 threadsRegistered User New Member
Hey guys, I was recently accepted to UCD. I wanted to pursue a career as an optometrist so I was aiming for UCB's optometry school, but I don't know if going to UCD would prove beneficial into getting into UCB's optometry school.

Thing is, I was also accepted to OSU and OSU also has an awesome optometry school, and I know for a fact that OSU students who apply to their own optometry school have a better chance than someone who applies that does not go to OSU.

So does going to a UC school prove beneficial for future graduate study plans like optometry school in a UC school? thanks for your help
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Replies to: UC Optometry Chances

  • Di_NateDi_Nate 50 replies5 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Just because you go to a schools undergrad doesn't usually mean that they will treat you different when applying to their graduate programs.

    go to where you want for undergrad, it won't matter.
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  • HelpmepleaseeHelpmepleasee 352 replies17 threadsRegistered User Member
    yup, it's what grades you get and what extracurriculars you have.... so just do lots of internship to buff up your resume.
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  • calimamicalimami 871 replies6 threadsRegistered User Member
    keep in mind that davis and cal have intercampus collaboration in some departments (not sure which ones though). so depending on how you hustle (er, network) that's something that may help further down the road.
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