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I heard UCs aren't requiring SAT Subject Tests anymore.

TrantrumTrantrum 13 replies6 threads New Member
This is the last year they're going to require it.
I'm wondering if you guys recommend I still take it anyway.

Thank you!
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Replies to: I heard UCs aren't requiring SAT Subject Tests anymore.

  • SLO_popSLO_pop 100 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Here is some info that may be helpful:

    University of California - SAT Subject Tests
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  • HelpmepleaseeHelpmepleasee 352 replies17 threads Member
    some UC's will recommend it (usually engineering programs) but I guess others do not such as linguistics, arts, and etc. Just know that UCs' are the only public colleges in the States that required SAT Subjects to apply & for admission. By taking away this requirement it opens up a lot of out of state kids to apply, thus MORE COMPETITION. I would take them regardless of where you're apply to. Say you're doing linguistics, then having taken multiple language SAT's will help you gain advantage over other applicants. So in some sense it's still required, but i guess you don't have to if you don't want to? Keep in mind that this year the UC system was brutal because of the lack of money and they accepted more out of state kids. Out of state kids pay around 40-50 for tuition and housing (along with everything) the tuition for in-state kids are around 12k while out of state pays 25k... so yeah. it was annoying cause two years back if you had 3.8 + and 2000+ you got into UCSD and stuff... :/

    I encourage you to take them regardless of what you get. Just try to get over 600-650.
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  • bookworm522bookworm522 454 replies18 threads Member
    yea, pretty much the fact that they are still "recommended" will have everyone still taking them, it could be a big scar on your college application if you didn't. This having 0 EC's, you don't HAVE to have them, but it helps if you do
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