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Am I the only one not in the "top 9% of UC class of 2013"?

somekid1564somekid1564 16 replies6 threads New Member
So according to my high school counselor, I rank in the top 5% of my senior class; However, when I check my UC application status, it states that

"After reviewing your academic record, we have determined that you are not in the top 9 percent of students at your high school according to UC calculations. However, we consider many factors as we evaluate your application and guarantee that all students meeting the minimum requirements receive a comprehensive review of their application."

My GPA is 3.7 UW/4.5 W ( Is this considered normal to be considered in the top 9 percent?)

Does anyone else have this problem? I really want to be qualified for this so that way I am at least guaranteed into one of the campuses. I know for sure that my counselor did not make a mistake in informing me of my class rank. Should I call the UC admissions to inform them of my status? I'm really confused and could use some feedback.
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Replies to: Am I the only one not in the "top 9% of UC class of 2013"?

  • texaspgtexaspg Forum Champion Pre-Med & Medical 16670 replies343 threads Forum Champion
    Here is how UC calculates your rank.

    University of California - Statewide path
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  • somekid1564somekid1564 16 replies6 threads New Member
    I'm aware of it, I used the calculator to see if I met the requirements, and I did.

    I'm so confused :(
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  • MLMMLM 734 replies10 threads Member
    If you used the online calculator, and qualify, that means you qualify in the STATEWIDE path. There are two paths - statewide and local (high school) path.

    University of California - Local path (ELC)

    University of California - Statewide path

    Frequently asked questions about the local path -
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  • AskMsSunAskMsSun - 1758 replies9 threads Senior Member
    You are not the only one, I got a bunch of questions from students and contacted UCOP about this. Here's the response I received:
    Last summer we asked high schools to identify rising senior students that were in the top 15 percent of their class. UC sent those students a letter at the end of September, congratulating the student on having been identified by their high school as being a top student. The letter encouraged the student to consider applying to UC, and stated that if the student did apply, they may end up being considered in the top 9 percent of their class (ELC) according to UC calculations. Since this letter went to the top 15 percent, we did not expect all the letter recipients to end up being considered in the top 9 percent of their class.

    The ELC determination is performed for all students that apply to UC from ELC participating schools. When the student applies, we check to make sure a specific pattern of 11 courses has been met, and then we see if the UC calculated GPA for the student meets or exceeds a 9 percent benchmark GPA UC has calculated for the school. The UC calculated GPA for the student is based on the course work and grades entered by the student on the UC admission application. The UC calculated 9 percent benchmark GPA for the high school is based on past transcript data submitted to UC for the ELC program. To learn more about this process, please see the admission website "Local Path" page: University of California - Local path.

    Please note that the UC GPA is often different from the high school GPA. UC GPAs are based on grades earned only in 10th and 11th grades and only in academic subject areas, while the high school GPA is usually includes grades earned in 9th grade, and grades earned in all courses.

    In addition to checking to see if a student is in the top 9 percent of their class at their high school according to UC calculations, UC also checks to see if students are in the top 9 percent statewide. You can use the admission calculator on the “Statewide Path” page to see if you are in the top 9 percent statewide: University of California - Statewide path.

    Students in the top 9 percent, either by the Local path (ELC) or by the Statewide Path, who are not admitted to any of their UC campus choices will be offered a spot at UC if there is space and the minimum freshman requirements have been met.
    The most important thing to keep in mind: students who are not ELC but are in the top 9% statewide receive the same guarantee (a spot at UC if not accepted at any of their campus choices).
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  • calimamicalimami 871 replies6 threads Member
    the other key words in that guarantee are "IF THERE IS SPACE".

    that little blurb gets overlooked.
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  • AskMsSunAskMsSun - 1758 replies9 threads Senior Member
    At the UC Counselor Conference back in September, the UC staff/officials indicated that the "space available" blurb depended on whether Prop 30 passed. Since it did, I think it's pretty safe to assume that Merced will take most, if not all, UC eligible applicants.
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