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do i have a chance for any UC's?!

dvl2014dvl2014 200 replies76 threads- Junior Member
thinking bout nursing

So here is my profile:
Race/Ethnicity: Asian (but born in america)
GPA(Unweighted): 2.45 (BUT I do a lot of work im a cashier at moms store I work 34 hours a week . every week of the year since freshman year over school year and 74 hours a week every week suring summer over the past 4 years)
Essay: Told by 6 teacher that its incredible
Rank: not sure but is positive that it is top half out of about 600 students
Critical Reading: 420
Math: 590
Writing: 440
(From Freshman to sophomore year my gpa has been rising every quarter)

Job/Work Experience:
works 2 hours a school day and 12 hours saturdays and sundays everyday at a convience store my mom owns
from my history teacher who use to be a guidance councelor and my english teacher who went to harvard.
im planning to retake the SAT soon.
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Replies to: do i have a chance for any UC's?!

  • NCalRentNCalRent 6193 replies14 threads Senior Member
    Not enoungh info to say for sure but, from what you posted above, I'd say your chances for UC admission are pretty slim.

    It sounds like you are just starting your Jr year so, you still have some time to get your GPA and test scores up. Focus on that and plan to apply broadly - including some UCs and your local CSU.

    Good luck.
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