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Will a course that is retaken senior year help clean up a bad grade?

Korean101Korean101 146 replies69 threads Junior Member
Hey guys, so I am in a little bit of a dilemma right now. In APUSH last year, which is a a-g course, I got a D first semester. I am retaking the class online (it's regular US History online so it doesn't replace the D, I know that, but it should still fulfill the UC requirement). But my question is, since I'm taking the US history course senior year, will it even matter to the UC's? I read online that the UC GPA calculations only consider sophomore and junior year. I can get the US history online course in my transcript before the UC applications are due in November 31st (or 30, I don't remember how many days are in November) but since the online course was taken senior year, can it still fulfill the a-g US history course requirement?
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Replies to: Will a course that is retaken senior year help clean up a bad grade?

  • PhantomVirgoPhantomVirgo 1051 replies37 threads Senior Member
    What you said about UC GPA is correct--only sophomore and junior years are considered. Your senior year is looked at to determine rigor and whether you'll be fulfilling (or are expected to fulfill, at least) any remaining a-g requirements.

    On that note, your US History course should count towards the history requirements.
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  • uclastudennnntuclastudennnnt 233 replies0 threads Junior Member
    ^agreed. Your GPA is set in stone by now, at least in terms of applications, but as long as you fulfill the requirement before matriculation you're set.
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