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Talk to me about Regents for transfer students

jesse'sgirljesse'sgirl 410 replies27 threads Member
Who gets them? Based on stats alone? Who decides? When do people find out? I've read something about being invited to interview (or maybe it was something other than interview), what's that about? What are some of the differences at the different schools? What are the benefits? How has regents affected decisions for people? Anything else?

Thank you in advance.
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Replies to: Talk to me about Regents for transfer students

  • GumbymomGumbymom 29073 replies242 threadsForum Champion UC Forum Champion
    Every UC offers Regents to freshmen, but not all offer the scholarship to transfers. In terms of transfers, it is hard to determine the exact process as not all 4.0s with extra-curricular activities get offered it. Each campus that offers Regents to transfers has its own protocol involving finalists and winners so you need to do some research on your own by checking each campus website.

    All Regents, regardless of campus, offer these core benefits:

    1) Renewable for two years, assuming you maintain academic standards
    2) Guaranteed housing for the duration of scholarship
    3) Graduate level library privileges
    4) Faculty mentor
    5) Priority enrollment for classes
    6) Notation on transcript of Regents Scholarship
    7) Ability to join the Regents Scholarship Society on campus
    8) Invitations to events slated only for Regents scholars and faculty
    9) Financial need is not factored in, although the award may be higher if need is proven
    10) You accept your Regents Scholarship by SIRing to the UC
    11) Regents Scholarships cannot be transferred to another campus

    Amounts are current based on 2019 data:
    * UC Berkley $2,500
    * UC Davis $7,500
    * UC Irvine $5,000
    * UCLA $2,000
    * UC Merced $7,000
    * UC Riverside: $5000 but amounts vary
    * UC San Diego $2,000
    * UC Santa Barbara: No Regents for Transfers
    * UC Santa Cruz $5,000

    Notification dates also vary so again check each campus website for further details.
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  • jesse'sgirljesse'sgirl 410 replies27 threads Member
    Thank you, Gumbymom!

    I wonder why the range in scholarship amounts across the system. And weird which ones are higher and which are lower.

    Finalists? How does that work? How does one get from finalist to "winner"?
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  • GumbymomGumbymom 29073 replies242 threadsForum Champion UC Forum Champion
    Regents is handled differently at each school.

    Some like UCLA and UC Davis invite you to apply.
    UC Berkeley conducts interviews for potential Regent scholars and if selected, you are notified with an early admission.

    For the rest of the UC’s, it is automatic upon acceptance.

    Regent scholars are selected from the top 1-2% of applicants and reviewed holistically so depending upon how each UC determines the scholars, there may be no finalist just winners.

    I cannot comment on the reasoning behind the $$ amounts for the scholarships other than the top UC’s do not need to attract top student applicants with merit aid.
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  • BibihcmvnBibihcmvn 145 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Just from my case:

    2019 I got Regent in Riverside admission offer, automatically when they accepted me by TAG. They offered 5k/ year and total 10k for my next 2 years.

    UCI does not offer me but I heard it was automatically rewarded. Forgot what grants they gave me but total I got more than Riverside (Regent + Pell + Cal Grant).

    UCLA did not consider me for Regent as others who was interviewed for it. At least I know they preferred Honor students. I got 4.0 but my CCC did not have good Honor program.

    Instead, UCLA gave me many grants so that the total package from UCLA was about $200 more than UCI whereas UCR gave about 2k less. Example: Parents Grant as I am parenting student (2k/year) for all students with dependent.

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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 80102 replies719 threads Senior Member
    UCB Regents scholarships may award a need-based amount; historically, this replaced the expected student contribution (federal direct loan and expected work earnings or work study) with additional scholarship/grant.
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  • Ohm888Ohm888 2587 replies65 threadsForum Champion UC Transfers Forum Champion
    All the regents scholarships may give more if needs-based.
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  • jesse'sgirljesse'sgirl 410 replies27 threads Member
    Thanks, everyone.
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