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So, I'm the kid that freaks out about everything--this time its GPA

KMAKMA Registered User Posts: 322 Member
Hey there everyone, so ill probably be finishing my first quarter with a 3.43,
and I am worried. I know some people might say "take it easy, its only your first quarter", blah,blah,blah, while others may say "you should just drop out of college right now."

I wanna know how hard it will be to bring this up to around a 3.7 at least
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Replies to: So, I'm the kid that freaks out about everything--this time its GPA

  • junshikjunshik Registered User Posts: 1,888 Senior Member
    I really don't know, except it will depend on how many units you took this quarter, and how many units you plan to take in the next few quarters.

    Play around with the GPA calculator found in one of the tabs on the left if you go to StudentAccess.

    That should give you your answer, hopefully.
  • moeymoey Registered User Posts: 314 Member
    Hmm, I say wait to see your actual grades first, and then judge from there, because I think you maybe (hopefully!) did better than you're expecting!
    But I would say 3.4 to 3.7 is a little difficult for a while unless you think you're going to get 4.0's right away. It's doable though. I think my GPA has risen about .25 in 2 years, and my first quarter GPA was a little higher, so I think it'd initially be more noticeable for your GPA (if that's what it is) to rise. But yeah, it depends on how many units you took as well, if it was only 12, you can definitely raise it soon enough.
  • KMAKMA Registered User Posts: 322 Member
    yea im pretty sure its about a 3.4-maybe a tad bit higher but prob not.
    I took 12 units this past quarter, so I guess it shouldnt be too bad. I am so frustrated/depressed though, ahhh!!
  • jas0njas0n Registered User Posts: 1,527 Senior Member
    KMA, you'll be fine. There are plenty of opportunities to bring up your GPA since you have 4 years total. There is no need to play with the GPA calculator (although it will ease your mind). The first quarter is ALWAYS the worst.
  • phamousphamous Registered User Posts: 100 Junior Member
    is a 3.43 really that bad? i have a 2.5 and would kill for a 3.43! note i've been at uci for three years. i'm going to be in college for a loooong time, lol.
  • KMAKMA Registered User Posts: 322 Member
    if youre trying to get to med school, its sort of bad
  • watcollege?watcollege? Registered User Posts: 155 Junior Member
    KMA im in the same boat...i think the only thing we can do now is relax and make sure the next two quarters go reallyyy well :/ so focus and work hard...i think it's doable to get 4.0s just gonna take some work!
  • phamousphamous Registered User Posts: 100 Junior Member
    that's true i suppose..i'm wishing you all the best!!
  • theespys69theespys69 Registered User Posts: 523 Member
    Dude its not that big of a deal. You're on the quarter system so this first quarter doesn't even count that much. And 3.4 is a good start.

    Its really easy to raise your GPA quickly on the quarter system. I finished fall quarter with a 2.95 or something like that but I managed to raise it to 3.4 after winter quarter and 3.6 after spring quarter (sadly though it went down by like .05 this quarter). Just take a couple easy classes (like language classes) to boost your GPA
  • moeymoey Registered User Posts: 314 Member
    Just a heads up, you don't exactly need 4.0's every quarter from now on to try to get to a 3.7. So don't stress if you can't get a 4.0. Just try to get something like a 3.6+

    and @theespys69 that's great that you got up your GPA, so people with low GPAs won't be so worried :).

    but also note i think the lower the GPA to easier it is to raise? like, if there's two kids: one with a 2.5 the other with a 3.0 fall quarter, and they both get 4.0's next quarter, i think the actual difference in GPA (how much it'll raise) for the 2.5 kid will be higher. To raise your GPA it's like an logarithmic curve lol. at least i think that's how it works? i always felt that way even in classes. but sorry & correct me if i'm wrong!
  • theespys69theespys69 Registered User Posts: 523 Member
    Thanks moey :)

    Nah, you're actually right. The actual amount that you can increase your GPA gets bigger as your GPA gets lower (it would be impossible for him to be able to raise it by 0.65 since its not low enough haha). But obviously the kid with the higher GPA has a better chance to raise it to a certain level (like 3.7 as the OP wants).
  • FutureENTSurgeonFutureENTSurgeon Registered User Posts: 1,073 Senior Member
    Just like many people have said before me. You will be fine.
  • XxstevonzyxXXxstevonzyxX Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Just don't freak out. Starting out with a 3.4 GPA for your first Fall Quarter is excellent in my opinion. It could have been worse you know. I'm a second year here and I was originally a Bio Sci Major and started out with a 2.85 and now I have a 3.0 three quarters after. Now, what's my chance of getting into professional/grad school with this GPA? Pretty low. I try and try and try and still get pretty bad test scores. Why? I'm not as smart as the UCI population and I'm a horrible test taker. I have to live with what I have.

    Seriously though it could be a lot worse.... You have 11 more quarters to raise that GPA. It is not the end of the world. Just keep yourself motivated and don't burn out by overdoing classes. I believe you can get into the top notch medical schools after when you receive a B.S.
  • KMAKMA Registered User Posts: 322 Member
    Thank you soooo much everybody!!!!
    I honestly feel so much better, I cannot even express my graditude
    I wish everyone good luck, and hopefully we all willl be succesful in our endeavors
    For now, go out and enjoy your break
    God Bless all of you--Happy Holidays
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