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Chance me UCLA 2024

otto12345otto12345 120 replies19 threads Junior Member
Gpa: unweighted: 3.87, weighted + capped 4.25
ACT: 35
8 AP Courses + many honors but they don't count for UC
SAT II's: Bio 770, Math 760, US History 720

- Varsity Swim 4 years
-part-time restaurant job 3 years
-President of NHS (2 years)
-Club swimming (2 years)
-Summer Program at UCLA - spend summer after junior year at UCLA and took two bio UCLA courses and got A and B+
-Job Shadowing at hospital
-Volunteering at Yoga studio (2 years)

AP Tests:
5 on World History and US History
4 on Bio and Lang

Major: Bio

Region: Out of State, NY
IDK guys I'm really scared I won't get in, my GPA isn't perfect and I feel like people have a lot more AP's than 8. Well, theres nothing I can do than wait now I guess :neutral:
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Replies to: Chance me UCLA 2024

  • b8rn8rdb8rn8rd 13 replies0 threads New Member
    Yeah you got a good shot
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  • firmament2xfirmament2x 642 replies5 threads Member
    edited November 2019
    @annakissel . . . there's a thing that UCLA (and other colleges) employ specifically for domestic non-residents called demonstrated interest, in which the University wants for you to show that you really are interested in attending. The University otherwise really has no idea who is interested in attending school on the left coast, say, from the right coast, or from middle America, the South, etc.

    I was going to say that if you were waitlisted -- the U's employing of such, don't be deterred and submit your name to the list. But you've obviously taken the lead by attending the U's summer courses -- in biology no less and maintained a 3.67 gpa as a high school student. This is indeed demonstrated interest, and the U has doubtlessly noted it.

    So all you can do is wait as you said. All the best.
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  • GumbymomGumbymom Forum Champion UC 30314 replies391 threads Forum Champion
    @annakissel @firmament2x: According to the common dataset for UCLA, an applicant’s level of interest is not considered in their admission process.

    https://www.apb.ucla.edu/Portals/90/Documents/Campus Stats/CDS Fall 2017.pdf
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  • firmament2xfirmament2x 642 replies5 threads Member
    @gumbymom . . . understood that the University would articulate this. But waitlisting is a way for the U to refine enrollments and also to gauge interest -- quasi-articulated and not at all stated between these two. This is in part how they were able to hit their target number pretty precisely for a non-resident enrollment of 25%, and at the same time reduce the acceptance rate overall, because the University was definitely conservative in sending out acceptances to all at least two of the three resident classifications -- CA and OOS students. (I'm not sure how it improved the yield for Internationals.) But the essence is that the University knew that it would not come close to target enrollments by its initial acceptance letters.

    In the case of domestic non-residents where the yield is low, there were some incredibly quick turnarounds to acceptances when these applicants sent in their authorization to submit to the WL. (Some of course came significantly later.)

    That still didn't mean that these students would accept the offers, of course, because a lot of this would depend on finances, with the determination of UCLA being feasible coming down the road from April or whenever when they were accepted from the WL. (Thus, the yield is still low.)

    For all three resident classifications, though, the yield improved from 2018 to 2019:

    CA students, from 50% to 53%
    OOS students, from 24% to 25%
    Internationals, from 29% to 35%

    My thoughts are undoubtedly a good part conjecture, but it does appear that the WL-feature was at least a part of the process in these numbers and the precise hitting of demographic percentages.
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  • NevrMynd51NevrMynd51 99 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @annakissel with your GPA, SAT/ACT scores, congrats by the way, and the extracurriculars you have listed I would say you have a very good chance at getting in. I wouldn't stress too much but as I have told my kids, NEVER get your hopes up too high with things that are ultimately out of your control. You have done what you could to show the school that you are interested now the ball is in the court. Good luck and hope everything works out the way you want it to!
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