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Chance me for UCLA Film!!

ashymustardashymustard 21 replies2 threads Junior Member
I'm really just asking this for fun. UCLA is a tough school for anyone, I already applied and sent everything, but I just want to know if I have a chance...

Major: Film and Television, B.A.
Area of Interest: Animation
Demographics: Mexican, International student.
GPA: 9.8/10
AP: School doesn't have AP courses
IB: School is IB, but my parents couldn't pay for it.
SAT: 1410

Founder of School's Film Club (11th grade)
Creative Writing Class (10th-11th grade)
Digital Animation Class (10th grade)
Drawing and Painting Class (11th-12th grade)
Character Designer in Cinematography Class (12th grade)
Graphic Novel Workshop (10th grade)

1st Place National Video Contest
Writer/director/editor of Short Film, presented at school's art fair.
State Art Scholarship
1st Place Magazine Cover Contest (my illustration will be on the cover)
2nd Place State Literary Contest
Finalist in Design Contest in Teen Category
Solo Art exhibition at school

Essays/LORs: My UC PIQs are decent. I wrote about directing my short film, about how writing and drawing have shaped me, all in my natural voice (I read that UC doesn't like flowery prose so...). UCLA requires additional essays for Film, as well as two letters of recommendation. My supplemental essays are ok, my LORs were written by my Animation teacher and my Film Studies teacher.

For my Writing Sample I included stills from my short film (presented them as photos), two ink illustrations and a short story.

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Replies to: Chance me for UCLA Film!!

  • firmament2xfirmament2x 492 replies4 threads Member
    @ashymustard . . . you're in an esoteric realm in what it takes to gain admission for film school, combined with the fact that you're an International student and possibly (probably?) attend an International school.

    Being that you aren't from the U.S., UCLA admissions will understand that there isn't the AP courseload you would have had if you attended school in the States (or they will make the adjustment to your school not having APs if it were domestic), so they will look at your SAT scores a bit more.

    Then there is the portfolio aspect, which you undoubtedly know, and your ECs/Awards look great from where I stand, which nowhere from a trained observer's point of view. But there are doubtlessly a few film majors who are on social media, so perhaps you could message them.

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