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UCLA Admission Questions

As a first generation college student, I had a few questions that I found difficult to get answered.

1. Do admission counselors base an acceptance on the GPA that is in progress or do they project your GPA and admit based on their inferences?
2. If I get offered acceptance to a UC, should I accept the offer although I may or may not recieve the blue and gold scholarship? (finances are important to me)
3. I recieved acceptance to CSULB for fall 2020. What is the likelihood of recieving acceptance to UCLA, majoring in Sociology with a gpa of 3.25 from fall 2019, quite a few of ECs plus I have my own online business?

Currently, I have earned 2 A's for winter semester and I will push for a 4.0 in spring, which will make up my F in stats from a previous semester to increase my GPA. Will admissions consider my efforts and deem them worthy for acceptance?
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  • GumbymomGumbymom Forum Champion UC 29856 replies324 threads Forum Champion
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    It sounds like you are a transfer applicant?

    1) Admissions will base their decisions on your current course grades including your updated grades from Fall semester/quarter which you submitted on your TAU. They will not project a GPA based on Winter/Spring courses however, you are expected to pass all courses in-progress.

    Decisions are all provisional and your provisional contract which you receive upon your acceptance will spell out what kind of grades are expected to keep your acceptance.

    2) If accepted to UCLA, you will be given a financial aid package so if the FA package is not affordable, then do not enroll. Running the Net Price calculator prior to applying should have given you an estimate of your costs.

    3) The most important part of the transfer application is GPA followed by completion of the required transfer courses and then EC’s and essays.

    UCLA’S Transfer GPA by Major for 2019 Sociology was 3.72 - 3.94.

    UCLA will be a Reach for you.

    So you repeated the Stats course and received an A? The F is still reported and included into your GPA calculation. Yes, it does help to show you were able to grasp the material.
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