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Committed Misdemeanor. Will i get rescinded?

laserbaselaserbase Registered User Posts: 699 Member
So my friends and I snuck into a movie theater through my friend, an employee that works there. Not that its of any importance but we went to see Dark knight, which all 3 of us already saw...

Anyways we got caught and they charged us with a misdemeanor. 537 PC Theft of Services. The good thing is I'm 17 (which is under 18 which means im not charges as an adult) and the cop said as long as i do everything i need to and take care of it, it will be erased from my record when I'm 18 or something like that.

If it counts for anything we sorta thought we weren't doing anything wrong because we were friends of an employee.

But i was wondering since i was already accepted in UCLA, will they rescind me for getting caught sneaking into a movie theater?
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Replies to: Committed Misdemeanor. Will i get rescinded?

  • dairydairy Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Yes, you'll definitely be rescinded. LOL!
  • MadeInChinaMadeInChina Registered User Posts: 1,392 Senior Member
    lol ***? what city are you in
  • alansdaalansda Registered User Posts: 781 Member
    You need to petition a dismissal from your state's Department of Corrections so they can send it to UCLA Admissions, then just check in MyUCLA to see when they've processed it--it should have a checkmark saying 'received.'
  • kick53rv3kick53rv3 Registered User Posts: 1,803 Senior Member
    lmao you got caught sneaking into a movie you already saw... but definitely check with UCLA admissions because no matter what anyone says on these forums the words that counts are the ones from admission office... don't mention that you thought you weren't doing anything wrong by sneaking in with the employee because that'll just show you are stupid and immature, movie theaters sell tickets for a reason...
  • laserbaselaserbase Registered User Posts: 699 Member
    so do u guys really think there is a chance?

    @madeinchina i live in the ventura county area
  • rshaanrshaan Registered User Posts: 339 Member
    lmao i think you'll be fine, but for sure email your plea to the corrections officers and all that jazz
  • kutibahkutibah Registered User Posts: 771 Member
    Wow that's lame. I can't believe you can get in trouble for that. I mean I work at Starbucks and we get free drinks and employees give their friend's free drinks all the time, can't see how this is any different. If you snuck in alone I can understand why, but since you were with an employee I wouldn't have thought so.
  • kick53rv3kick53rv3 Registered User Posts: 1,803 Senior Member
    kutibah, are you allowed to offer other people drinks whenever they want? if so I need to find my starbucks working friends :) but im pretty sure at movie theaters employees can't take friends into the theater, I had a couple friends working at different theaters, they can get 5 free tickets a month or something, they can sell us tickets at kids price which is kinda illegal since we are over 12 but no one really checks... but I don't think they are allowed to take whoever they want into a theater...
  • laserbaselaserbase Registered User Posts: 699 Member
    lol i know seriously...i dont know how we could get in trouble for this..i thought they would just kick us out or something

    anyways u guys think i'm fine as far as admissions go? the cop said it would get erased from my record but i dont really know what that means or if he's telling the truth ....i dont really want to contact ucla for this if i dont have to and they said it would get erased from my record but what do u think

    here's the other thing ...referring to what kutibah said...we didn't tell the police officers we snuck in alone until after they had given us tickets...so basically the whole time they thought we waited until there was nobody at the ticket window and waited until there was nobody at the door...even though there actually was like 3 employees there watch us all walk in and say nothing....i think we should have told the manager this story but we really didn't have a chance to... the security guard there had half of his story wrong which kinda p issed us off

    my friend however confessed when we were outside...but they still made us keep the tickets
  • JinobiJinobi Registered User Posts: 1,184 Senior Member
    You're still "stealing" a service, unless the movie theater itself specifically let your friend give you tickets as a complementary service.

    Funny, because I was in the same situation too. I got accepted to UCLA, so over the summer, I went to visit my high school to see some teachers. I thought it was alright to go without a hall pass, as everyone did; but, after being caught by some campus supervisors, they called the police. Police then handcuffed me in front of the school during lunchtime, and nearly booked me for misdemeanor trespassing.

    Luckily, he let me go. Misdemeanor would've eventually went away (I was 16) , but this just shows you that lots of things are criminal. It would be best to consult with UCLA admissions, and if need be, explain your actions (how sorry you are, etc.). You don't have to mention your name. This action would be seen as a juvenile sorta thing, not as a serious criminal act of grand theft. UCLA shouldn't rescind you for this, but you will get reprimanded at the very least.
  • laserbaselaserbase Registered User Posts: 699 Member
    lol wait...did u skip 2 grades or something...your 16 and was already accepted into UCLA Jinobi

    anyways what if i dont contact ucla do u think they will ever find out...after all they said this would eventually go away and its already august

    it was funny when we were talking to the cops, they were like "You guys have no future...decisions like this are going no where...u guys need to go to college and make something of your lives." they assumed we were all idiots not going to college and kept rambling...but when we told them we were all going to college they shut up
  • SFV2008SFV2008 Registered User Posts: 233 Junior Member
    Massive pwnage.
  • sudaflower24sudaflower24 Registered User Posts: 95 Junior Member
    hey umm other than the wierd thing you did...does anyone know if Universities go through your email and facebook and stuff to check ur History..not that i've done anything wrong :0 just curious.lol.
  • SFV2008SFV2008 Registered User Posts: 233 Junior Member
    I'm pretty sure the university has no right to access your email unless there is a request by authorities... which means you probably did something very bad that's going to get you guaranteed jail time...
  • BoelterHallBoelterHall Registered User Posts: 2,930 Senior Member
    Undergraduate acceptance - definitely no email, and no facebook.

    Entry level - no email, facebook and popular social/networking profiles - yes (not all the time, but possible) if your profile is public
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