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UCLA - AHHH!!!! nervous...

atreeyumatreeyum 85 replies23 threads Junior Member
Hey! Assuming that my essays are decent and extra currics are great (lots of clubs and officer positions, numerous years, 2 academic awards and 1 community service award), can you take a look at these scores and assess them for UCLA????

GPA: 3.89 (UW), 4.2 (W)

Dec 2003: 1240 (640 M, 600 V)
Mar 2004: 1230 (630 M, 600 V)
Nov 2004: 1480 (720 M, 760 V)

Math IIC: 700 (will retake, hoping for 750+)
Writing: 680
US History: 690

CA Resident

I'm afraid that my sat ii scores aren't good enough =X

And are the students SUPER competitive at UCLA for pre-med track? For the students doing well on that track, about how many hours of sleep do they get a day? If you know...?

Opinions GREATLY appreciated! Cheers!
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Replies to: UCLA - AHHH!!!! nervous...

  • IcarusIcarus 4304 replies31 threads Senior Member
    I'll just comment on the pre-med stuff - Its only competative because the pre-med requisites are huge classes and you have to compete to be on the good end of the curve. I haven't met too many students that fall into the nasty-premed stereotype, so don't worry about it. I've heard statistics that UCLA students send out more applications for med school spots than any other university in the nation, so thats another factor working against us UCLA pre-meds. Like I said, don't sweat it - getting into med school isn't at all a numbers game. I know people with ridiculously high GPAs and MCAT scores who didn't get into any med school because they had nothing else on their resume. Enjoy college, get involved, and do well in your classes, and its all good.
    You'll find that everyone and their mom comes into UCLA as "pre-med", but that number drops dramatically as people who thought they wanted to be doctors find the multitude of other options that suddenly becomes clear in college or realize that the process is too difficult for their tastes, etc.
    Good luck with everything.
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