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Chances at all UCs, Stanford, USC

goomba25goomba25 42 replies7 threads Junior Member
OK, thanks to anyone who reads this and taking the time to think about it.
Going for Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UCSB, Davis, Irvine, Riverside, Santa Cruz, Merced, Stanford, USC

UC GPA: 4.33
Rank 33/660
ELC (Top 4% of something): Guaranteed Admission to UCI. Merced says they will accept all ELC's who apply there.
SATI: 1460 (790V/660M)
SATII: US 790. MathIIC: 700, Writing: 700
AP Scores: Euro:4, US:5,Chem:4, Bio:5

Taken most of available honors and APs, except for Calc and Spanish cuz of scheduling conflicts. No honors or AP math except for stats; started in Algebra I in 9th grade
-Current: AP Physics, AP Gov, Spanish 4, AP Stats, AP Econ, AP English Lit.
-Grade Problems: C/B- in trig, B- 2nd semester in Spanish 3-Honors, B+ in ChemAP. All others are A or A-

-Band four years. Librarian-organized and repaired music library
-California Scholarship Federation: four years
-National Honor Society: 2 years
-California Scholarship Program (3.5GPA, top 15% on 2 of 3 subjects on state standarized tests): 3 years

Community Service: 239 hours, featuring...
-8 hours as a poll worker in 2004 election
-128 hours over 2 years at IMMEX, creating web sites to help teach grade school science
-18 hours over 2 years helping to put on school jazz festival
-10 hours helping to put together science kits to teach grade school science

Community College Classes in:
-2 Credits: Performance Technique for Band
-2 Credits: Performance Technique for Band
-4 Credits: Algebra 2
-4 Credits: Trig

-Century Club-100: 100-199 CS hours in my junior year
-National Merit Commended Scholar (below PSAT semifinalist)
-Principal's Honor Roll (3.5 GPA)
-Top 25 (4.0 GPA for 2 consecutive semesters)

Thanks for replying. Again, thanks for taking the time to read it!
edited December 2004
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Replies to: Chances at all UCs, Stanford, USC

  • goomba25goomba25 42 replies7 threads Junior Member
    bump...come on guys...help...
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  • flopsyflopsy 8238 replies129 threads Senior Member
    I'd evaluate you, but I already did...
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  • goomba25goomba25 42 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Thanks for your time anyways. U evaluate everyone, seems like.
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  • jyancyjyancy 759 replies16 threads Member
    Well I think these "what are my chances" posts have become very trite, especially among the general types of people who post them- accomplishment-wise I mean (high gpa, taken most ap classes, relatively high SAT scores, hundreds of hours of community service, tons of clubs and sports)- and that's why you're not really getting much of a response. What exactly do you expect as a response from your list? Sure you'll most likely make all the UCs and USC, although Stanford is a reach- but even this statement is based on no validity other than the trend that the person who reads it would think, and you yourself would have already pondered, especially if you frequent this board.
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