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"***OMG. You're going to UC Merced?!?"

fusionallfusionall Registered User Posts: 169 Junior Member
Let's face the facts here. UC Merced is perceived to be the lowest ranking UC in the system. While not considering the fact that this is the newest UC, many students at my school tend to think that Merced is inferior even to community colleges. (I'm under the basic impression that UC > State > CC).

Their assumptions about Merced are, of course, due to their extensive knowledge of the UC gained by NOT visiting the campus, NOT researching the school, and by NOT believing what other students tell them.

When I tell them I'm going to Merced, more often times than not I am told that I am better off at a JC or State.

Honestly, I am perfectly fine with going to Merced. Actually, I would have preferred it over most other UCs (except Berkeley. I'm in the bay area and it would've been nice to take BART to school).

Anyone else getting this negative pressure? I don't know where all this hate is coming from but it sure gets annoying from time to time. Seems like everyone is too wrapped up in rank to care about opportunity. -__-''
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Replies to: "***OMG. You're going to UC Merced?!?"

  • S.O.S.S.O.S. Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
    I think there is a little pressure, from within, but I just tell ppl that its a great school. Actually I think I see ppl react negatively towards UCR more than UCM. UCR is older and UCM seems to have more potential, plus I believe a better chance of transfer + attention.
    But I was wondering, what choices did you have and what do you really like about UCM. When I went there I wasn't sure about the student pop. Did you get that feel too?
  • Premed4lifePremed4life Registered User Posts: 321 Member
    I feel like writing my top 10 likes and dislikes about this place for you guys, to help you get a better understanding of this place. errr I will, just later
  • fusionallfusionall Registered User Posts: 169 Junior Member
    My choices were either UCM or UCR. Denied by UCD, UCSD, and UCSC. My GPA wasn't all that amazing but I know I outscored many people from my school who got into UCD on the SAT I's, SAT II's and AP Exams. Seems like they weighed the GPA more this year as there were some real stupid kids from my school that got into UCD...as in failing AP Lang and taking it over again in Senior year and still getting accepted. -__-. Extracurricular was about the same for all students as we all joined most of the same clubs.

    When I went to UCM for Bobcat Day, the small community appealed to me. There's no big city to drive me out and away from studying yet it is just large enough to stimulate a comfortable atmosphere. It is also 2 1/2 hours away from where I live so I'll be able to go home every other weekend if time permits.

    The staff seem dedicated to expanding UCM. I was at the Chancellor's Reception and actually hearing the Chancellor talk was pretty interesting.

    Others at my school choose UCR over UCM as UCR is a ranked school. Due to UCM's relative infancy, I really don't take this into account but apparently others do.
  • Leviathan08Leviathan08 Registered User Posts: 180 Junior Member
    Negativity indeed! but don't be discouraged by others ignorance. To be honest, I like the fact that others dislike the school but that's just me, anyway...

    Merced is perceived as being the lowest ranking UC and it is according to the US News, who haven't even given it a rank. But don't forget it was just established not too long ago and it needs time to grow. Three years is definitely not enough time. The students at UCM and the incoming freshman are the ones who can make it the best or one of the best UC's.

    All the people who think UCM stinks, I'm sure, have not visited the school for more than 2 hours and are speaking only from other students or adults perspectives, who are also oblivious to UCM's uniqueness. Only two souls at my school (counselor and multimedia teacher) praised and applauded my accepted to UC Merced. Everyone else acted as if they were Scooby Doo when I told them the GOOD news(or I thought was good news) and said, "Uh?...Did you say Merced?". Even my AP and Honor teachers at my school told me to go to any other UC, CSU, or JC instead of Merced.

    I was shocked by this! So shocked that I went to UC Merced, on Bobcat Day, and purchased a UCM sweatshirt and wore it with honor as they mocked me. I believe the negativity is coming from the ignorant teachers and other adults, who also, have not really taken the time out of their busy schedule to think "What's the Pros of UC Merced?"

    I'm sure more than half of the students, who go or are planning on going to UCM, all asked themselves this question and the people who haven't are the ones laughing at you because your going to UCM. I'm the only senior at my high school who applied to UCM. The ONLY ONE out of 3,000 students, can you believe that? California high school seniors are taking a University of California for granted!!! This surprises me...

    Whether it's new or not, it's a UC. And we all know the UC system is the Best in the world. All of this "negative pressure" is really annoying(I agree with fusionall) but, in the end, I believe you will be better off in the future. I believe you will be better off than say a UCB freshman who is working and studying as hard as you are. UC Merced, like America, is truly the land of opportunity.
  • pagEL60pagEL60 Registered User Posts: 1,232 Senior Member
    ^They're couldn't be 3,000 seniors at your school.
  • Leviathan08Leviathan08 Registered User Posts: 180 Junior Member
    To pagEL60:
    You are correct! That number is incorrect.

    To all who read this post:

    Correction there's only 1,369 seniors at my school this year. I apologize for the incorrect number. But, you get the point of the previous post. lol
  • pagEL60pagEL60 Registered User Posts: 1,232 Senior Member
    ^I really don't think a school could have that many students in a class, unless its that huge of a school, although that's besides the point of this thread.
  • Cali TrumpetCali Trumpet Registered User Posts: 1,607 Senior Member
    That does seem like a pretty big number. A very populated high school has 2000 maybe 2500 students. That is roughly 5-600 students per class. You school has 5500+ students?

    But yes, no one thinks much of Merced at my school. In fact, if you are not going to a top 3 UC, people make smear remarks. Never seen a Merced sweatshirt.
  • fusionallfusionall Registered User Posts: 169 Junior Member
    This might be a little off topic but some of those UCM sweatshirts and shirts are actually half decent. I'd wear one but I'd probably get pummeled and burned at the stake at my school. :]

    Only joking of course but I believe one of the main factors governing people's negativity toward Merced is that everyone is scared of the unknown. As children we were scared of the dark (or at least I was) and now as we near adulthood, aka THE REST OF OUR LIVES, jockeying for that top notch job is getting increasingly competitive so much so that we tend to look down on others that do not match our achievements.

    However, as children we were also taught the golden rule (or at least I was). Instead of receiving praise, we are met with hostility and disdain.

    Oh well, I guess that means the task of building up UCM's reputation falls on our shoulders.
  • Leviathan08Leviathan08 Registered User Posts: 180 Junior Member
    Indeed it does fusionall! =D
  • cenirecenire Registered User Posts: 218 Junior Member
    fusionall, it's funny how you go on and on about how merced has potential, people are too wrapped up in perceived prestige of schools, etc., yet you're planning on transferring to Cal or LA. why?
  • fusionallfusionall Registered User Posts: 169 Junior Member
    Good question cenire. I'll try to explain best I can.

    Simply, it depends where you get your diploma from in today's society. I can't deny it, you can't deny it. With college admittance so high, we need to go that extra mile to prove we are a cut above the rest. That's why I plan on transferring. If you are a manager and had two candidates for hire and one comes from UCM and the other from UCB, who would you choose based on what's on paper alone, considering they are equivalent in all other aspects beside college graduated?

    However, I can't understand why people are so negative toward UC Merced. Last I checked, the University of California system was world renowned. Although the various campuses hold different prestige within the system, all the schools that have the prefix "UC" should hold some respect and this remains true for the most part...except for Merced.

    This is where my grievances lay. I am actually belittled at school for choosing to go to UCM rather than to go to a State or JC. I am sneered at for going someplace new and unknown to most of the student body. All for what? Because the mascot reminds them of the High School Musical franchise? Because it is in the middle of nowhere? I wish I knew all the reasons but I can only speculate, proved in my previous posts.

    Whether I am transferring or not is still debatable. Who knows? I might fall in love with the secluded campus atmosphere or find my niche in freshmen research.

    Wherever I end up in the future, UCM is still not getting the proper recognition it deserves (at least at my school) and I wanted to see if this negativity was only limited to my high school or if this feeling was also at other campuses in California, the reason for this thread.
  • Arian19Arian19 Registered User Posts: 69 Junior Member
    Dont forget that UC Merced is not accredited, so right now a degree/Diploma at UC Merced has very little value till they get their accreditation.
  • fusionallfusionall Registered User Posts: 169 Junior Member
    Accreditation for Merced is not a question of if but when. The UC Regents wouldn't build a school in Merced if they didn't think it would be a success. I'm pretty sure they could have picked numerous other locations if they wanted to.

    I hope the process isn't too long and that UCM gets accredited for those who wish to stay and get their diploma there.
  • CCFanaticCCFanatic - Posts: 453 Member
    gimme that 90% acceptance rate and that 10% enrollment rate!!!!!! aight beasts
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