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A list of greivences and loves, from a 2nd year UC Merced Student.


Replies to: A list of greivences and loves, from a 2nd year UC Merced Student.

  • virtuoso_735virtuoso_735 Registered User Posts: 1,876 Senior Member
    I think you missed his point. Summer classes at Berkeley are open to everyone, so that means close to 100% weren't Berkeley students, esp. if it were a pre-cal class.
  • Leviathan08Leviathan08 Registered User Posts: 180 Junior Member
    To virtuoso_735:
    I already previously stated that the students in my precal class at UCB were UCB enrolled students. There were 21 students in the class and I am sure that 4 of them weren't UCB students and the rest were. Don't you think it's possible that the students in the class just weren't good in math? They could have been Art majors or dance majors or athletes who hated math. One of the students was a dance major and at the end of the semester she failed the final and was crying because she knew she wasn't going to pass.

    Yes, UCB is a fine, competitive school, filled with bright students but as I said before "not every school harbors the best and the brightest".

    So your saying just because "anyone can take UCB Summer classes then that means close to 100% weren't UCB students"? You have no facts or logic behind that statement.
    Therefore that post was pointless.
    Like you said, " anyone can take UCB summer classes", even UCB students.
  • fusionallfusionall Registered User Posts: 169 Junior Member
    Whoa whoa. Whats with all the hostility? Where's the UC love my brothas? (I'm assuming you are all males.)

    To Leviathan08: virtuoso_735 was trying to help you out. Shame on him he didn't know who exactly composed your summer class. I don't think he can see through his computer screen and read your mind juuussst yet. He was just going with conventional thought and shouldn't be reprimanded for doing so. <3

    No one is questioning anyone's intellectual prowess...or at least I hope not because that would amount to absolutely nothing as the internet provides a healthy dose of anonymity. I believe you were merely stating probability (bad apples in a barrel), was misunderstood, and now misunderstanding what was originally misunderstood...

    ...I think.
  • Cali TrumpetCali Trumpet Registered User Posts: 1,607 Senior Member
    Yeah no harmful intention here Leviathan, but reading your various posts on this thread confused me too. When I read your first reply, I kinda thought you sounded a little ignorant because it is no secret that Berkeley students are some of the brightest bananas in the bunch.

    Your summer school class anecdote did not really impress me as being a good example of your experience with Cal students.

    First of all, you were taking a pre-calc class. That is the lowest course (probably) that Berkeley offers.

    Second of all, you were taking a summer school class. A student in a summer school class can be there for many different reasons.
    1) You failed a class or got a bad grade in that class and need to retake it to continue your enrollment at UC Berkeley.
    2) You go to a local high school or local college and need/want to take the precalc class for an easy A, or because you need to retake the class
    3) If your SN is leviathan08 and you thought it would be fun to take a math class at UC Berkeley instead of a community college or your high school.

    Third of all, remember that this is summer school. Summer school courses in my experience are compressed so much that they usually leave out the hard material that takes students longer to fully understand. Also, the teacher understands that he is not teaching 30 bright minds like he usually would, and often eliminates hard grade practices that he would use for his regular students. This could include a massive bell curve (well known in some classes in which most students get C's, and of the remaing students - half get a/b and half get d/f).

    Just fyi, by saying that you were the top student in your summer school class sounds a bit pompous. Even if you knew that you were ranked 1, it sounds a lot better to say "I was one of the top students in the classroom." And you further confused me in your recent post ($16).

    Look, it is all chill to be embracing Merced and all, just don't try to compare the school to the top public college in the country. I understand that you had no intention of saying that Berkeley students were 'as dumb' as students at Merced, but the example kinda swayed that way. Even Merced enthusiasts like yourself would have to admit that there is little comparison between students at Cal and Merced.
  • cenirecenire Registered User Posts: 218 Junior Member
    hahaha, leviathan, who's getting all offended now? and what on earth makes you think i didn't do well in pre calc? that's truly just pulling something out of your butt. pre calc was years ago, and i did great. and i'm doing great at cal now, thanks for asking.

    read cali trumpet's post. you assume too much. and i have a hard time believing anything you say, because you obviously missed a few important lessons in life, like deinflating your head and not making up random comments about people you have absolutely no right to assume anything about. you are so sadly informed i am caught between laughing at you and pitying you.
  • battleship2012battleship2012 Registered User Posts: 65 Junior Member
    "The point is, not every school harbors the brightest and best"

    I'm sure no school does, but you can't deny that some schools have higher proportions of the best and brightest than others. For example, HYPS and even *gasp* Berkeley. Merced I'm sure has some bright kids as well but I would assume a lot less than Berkeley, because if they had gotten into Berkeley, most of them wouldn't be at Merced.
  • Leviathan08Leviathan08 Registered User Posts: 180 Junior Member
    LOL Woah you guys are taking this too seriously! It's PRE-CALCULUS and we all know UCB is the best public college in the nation.

    -I was not trying compare UCB and UCM.
    -I'm sure UCM has bright students to, I'm sure every college has bright students and not so bright students.
    -Yes UCM does have less bright students(no argument from me).
    -And no I can't deny that some schools have higher proportions of the best and brightest than others. for example HYPS.(NO argument from me.)

    The whole point from the begging of this was
    "not every school harbors the best and the brightest."
    Obviously I didn't illustrate my point well enough and for that I apologize.
    To cenire:
    You say I'm making RANDOM comments about ppl...ok fine w/e, I have no idea where you got that from but, no need to argue about that.
    These are your words "dude, leviathan, if you took pre-calc at berkeley (which most of us take in 9th or 10th grade or just skip all together), then you were indeed with the dumbest of the berkeley kids. now try taking a regular class at cal and let me know how it goes. or even better, take a whole semester here and then judge."
    To All who care:
    -I was not trying to judge UCB but as I previously stated "Obviously I didn't illustrate my point well enough and for that I apologize."
  • MORECOWBELL!!MORECOWBELL!! Registered User Posts: 125 Junior Member
    uh oh, Bobcats are getting into a cat-fight over here! haha jk =]
  • Leviathan08Leviathan08 Registered User Posts: 180 Junior Member
    LOL Morecowbell Over nothing at THAT! lol
  • fusionallfusionall Registered User Posts: 169 Junior Member
    Naw, not a cat-fight. More like a couple UCB kids got their feelings hurt because we didn't bow down before their majesty and restate the obvious for pride's sake.

    ...I'd take our side but the fact they've got a bear for a mascot is too appealing.

    JK. I love you all equally. Go Bobears.
  • AznxkaiserAznxkaiser Registered User Posts: 84 Junior Member
    I wish Merced had a cow mascot to match its surroundings
  • Arian19Arian19 Registered User Posts: 69 Junior Member
    i took the tour and the guy said that the originally planed mascot is.....

    Ferry Shrimp
    because it is found in that lake right next to UC Merced
  • AznxkaiserAznxkaiser Registered User Posts: 84 Junior Member
    Lmao...That would of been funny...Shrimp mascot.
    How do you like the city of Merced? I went there and...yeah..
  • Leviathan08Leviathan08 Registered User Posts: 180 Junior Member
    Aznxkaiser! The city isn't great...I'm not going to lie. It's not but I know people out there that could give us the 411 on the parties. So, hopefully that will be fun.
  • bsally619bsally619 Registered User Posts: 85 Junior Member
    cali trumpet, fyi: you cannot be a college professor unless you have atleast a masters degree EVEN at a community college. all my science teachers have a Phd and some even graduated from a prestigious college like UCB, my calculus teacher did and so did my english teacher. anyways, i dont know a lot about UC merced except that they admitted me when i was a senior at high school even though i never applied. and from what premed4life says it seems that community college is the better choice. unless you have no discipline and enjoy living with you parents until youre 30. anyways from what premed says it seems like UCM is a community college with residence halls and a 20K bill.
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