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UCR vs Cal Poly pomona


Replies to: UCR vs Cal Poly pomona

  • DRabDRab Registered User Posts: 6,104 Senior Member
    If you had to classify it as either city, suburb, or rural, the area dirrectly around campus is fairly suburban, and a trip down university avenue will lead you to the "city." But the "city" (downtown Riverside area) is really fairly small, and outside of this area, Riverside is pretty much a suburb. If peopel think of cities as including and consisting of very large suburban areas, then perhaps Riverside is a city.
  • drjdrj Registered User Posts: 510 Member
    rab, you claim i don't give you enough facts or offer useless information but where are yours?

    as far as beauty in concerned, that's obviously a perceptual point. some people like hobo don't like either campus. but if want an amalgamation of what students think, perceptually, about the two schools side by side, check out www.****.com. there's only one category out of a couple dozen rated by students that places riverside ahead, maintenance. i personally think riverside students are a bit harsh about their school but hey, they should know best since they go there.
  • DRabDRab Registered User Posts: 6,104 Senior Member
    My not providing any quantatative data doesn't nullify the fact some of what you provide is of minimal to alsmot no importance without more information, and you leave out other important information.

    That website has many problems for pretty much every school I've read. It's mostly filled with students who want to vent about their school, and there is no chek if a non-student posts about any school.
  • drjdrj Registered User Posts: 510 Member
    and the next thing you're going to say is that anything from AACSB is full of problems since you don't agree with the data. perhaps you have no clue what AACSB does. you offer nothing but opinions and anecdotes and expect credibility from readers? if you want more information why don't you dig it out and provide it rather than bang on those who do?
  • DRabDRab Registered User Posts: 6,104 Senior Member
    No, that would be called a straw man argument, I do believe, or perhaps you're just setting up a false situation based on . . . well, nothing at all. Either way, it's a really poor tactic. I do little of what you say I do. Could you please be more respectful?
  • arcadefire1027arcadefire1027 Registered User Posts: 1,827 Senior Member
    I was deciding between these same two schools.

    After visiting both, I liked the feel of UCR's campus better. Cal Poly Pomona was a bit too much of a commuter's school for my liking, and really doesn't seem like the kind of school to get that "college experience." But that's just my opinion on the matter, you'd have to visit to see. I'm pretty sure they're both comparable stats-wise.
  • OrangeCounty1OrangeCounty1 Registered User Posts: 10 New Member
    In mid-October UCR had their "Preview Day" all day Saturday. A week later Cal Poly Pomona had their "Poly Palooza" Saturday. There were speakers from admissions, financial aid, and from the major departments. There were also booths for various clubs and continuously running campus tours.

    General impressions: (1) UCR buildings looked newer and more modern than Cal Poly Pomona campus. UCR must have more money for expansion. (2) The Cal Poly speakers and student volunteers were more helpful and appeared genuinely happy to see us. They were gave good tips on their admissions process and what to watch out for. (3) UCR student housing was much nicer than what we saw at Cal Poly Pomona. Maybe it was because UCR showed us their best residence hall and Cal Poly Pomona didn't. (4) Cal Poly's engineering is larger and their labs are amazing, part of their "learn by doing" philosophy. (5) UCR has a program called "The First Year" to help freshman adjust to the University. (6) Cal Poly has a "Graduate in 4 Year" program.
  • drjdrj Registered User Posts: 510 Member
    both schools face problems of perception. riverside is often regarded as the bottom of the UC heap in an unattractive area of the state, and pomona is the far inferior kid sister to san luis opisbo that the parents hide in the back room while the number one child plays the piano.

    your observation appears sound. remember, riverside still is a UC and is funded at a level better than a cal state like pomona. neither area is great, though pomona has built some pretty nice student suites that are popular. and it is true that the engineering part of the campus is strong even if most of the rest is not, notably the liberal arts and business.

    the two major factors always should be the strength of your intended major and the strength of your intended university. if those factors are relatively even then look deeper into things like facilities, sports, dorms, area, etc.
  • haikumarukuchanhaikumarukuchan Registered User Posts: 1,795 Senior Member
    UCR isn't the worst UC!

    I say there isn't a worst UC, just the one with the most recognition.

    I took a college class in Cal Poly pomona

    it was good

    I liked it!
  • Jeffrey99Jeffrey99 Registered User Posts: 234 Junior Member
    On the surface most people will say Riverside just for the fact that it is a UC. Keep in mind that the University of California is the best state university system in the US and world renowned.

    When you get down to the stats Riverside beats Pomona in Arts and Humanities...everything else I believe there pretty much even at.

    Bottom line I'd chose Riverside over Pomona for name recognition.
  • shuaidshuaid Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    UCR the school doesn't suck. Off campus it sucks. University ave is super ghetto. People in grandmarc smoke weed. you can catch them smoking bud between 11pm to 3pm. Trust. Basically UCR is pothead/beer pong school.

    Heres a tip living anywhere near campus. Lock your doors or you will for sure get jacked.

    Half our school population in frats/sororities. At the end of the day really no gives a fawk about anyone except themselves.

    I don't know about pomona. I always see my calstate pomona friends with ****load of free time. With that in mind, i think pomona is the easier school.
  • engrookie.comengrookie.com Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    UCR's engineering program is as good as Cal Poly Pomona's! People often think Cal poly's engineering is better simply because that's all they good at, but Don't Forget UC is a research institute, but Cal poly don't even have PHD program, which means Cal poly only prepares u for a short term vision = job, but UCR prepares you for a long term goal = career (either industrial or acdemic), you have so much better options by choosing UCR than Cal Poly!

    It's true that both school's surrounding areas are not the best choices, but UCR's campus is much bigger and better than Cal Poly! It's one of the fastest growing campus in the nation. You will get so much more attention at UCR than Cal Poly!
  • cnsrveninvstcnsrveninvst Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    When this thread began in 2004 I would have agreed that the two colleges in question were relatively alike. However it is now 2010 and UCR has surpassed CPP by a large margin. Three things come to mind which have placed UCR ahead of CPP: (1) expansion, (2) Monetary resources, and (3) selectivity.
    Within the last 5 years UCR has built new dorms, new commons, new entomology building, new humanities building, rec center (in progress), and most notably a new Engineering research/teaching facility (also still in progress).
    CPP is building a new college of business administration building.

    As many California natives know, both the UC and CSU systems have fallen on hard times. However the CSU system has suffered greater losses. (sorry no citation this one's hearsay from the news)
    With less money all CA schools have become more selective especially UC's. Also the basic economic principle of scarcity is important in this debate. UCR currently enrolls ~17,000 CPP enrolls ~22,000. I have talked to many CSU friends that are 3rd years and having trouble getting necessary courses because of the amount of students and loss of funding. They are now looking at a minimum of five years (super seniors! I believe is the term). I have not yet had a problem with getting into required courses at UCR and have been able to change majors while still maintaining a 4 year pace.
    Other highlights: UCR is embracing health fields and has created a medical program. This also has boosted the application rate and increased selectivity. And lastly, UCR has a music festival called HEAT. This year was F**King Exhilarating! Taking Back Sunday, Crystal Method, Shiny Toy Guns, and STEVE AOKI! Also the new boys were there jerkin' but I was busy watching TBS rock out. I heard the New Boys sucked live though, sorry for the disappointment....Im a jerk.
  • drjdrj Registered User Posts: 510 Member
    well, that was a highly inaccurate post if there ever was one. did you just happen to overlook the gigantic engineering laboratory building built at cal poly? the doubling of the size of the poly student union? the largest library addition in the entire CSU? the retrofitting of all the science labs? the creation of more apartments and suites that place CPP near the top of the system in on campus residents? the doubling of the size of facilities within the nationally ranked HRT college? or the fudging of the student body on the pomona campus that never once reached 22K and now is headed closer to 19,000 with increased selectivity?

    how about the admission that both schools have improved over the past five years?
  • naixn92naixn92 Registered User Posts: 522 Member
    None are better, college is what you make out of it. Remember that.
    Sure, UCR is a UC, it has a better recognition worldwide. Cal Poly Pomona, has a really great reputation in the US only (not really in the world). Each universities have its strengths.
    Cal Poly Pomona is great for engineering and architecture, and its really hard to get into those majors (personal experience and feed back from various friends who went to college). UCR is better for humanities. I don't know about business (don't know anyone majoring in business actually).
    I just read someone's post saying that since UCR is UC and so a "research university", it makes it better. FALSE. Look at Cal Poly SLO! It's not a research university (i think only SDSU is the only research university in the Cal State System) and it's way much better than UCR. But again, only in engineering and other majors. See the differences?
    When picking a college, think about what you want, do you put more importance on education or your overall college experience (having fun, or greek life, and so on)?

    UCR is great if you want the best college experience, and its great if you're a humanities major.
    Cal Poly Pomona is great if you're an engineering major, hospitality or arch.
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