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Packing for UCSB Santa Catalina

LinGYZLinGYZ 1 replies5 threadsRegistered User New Member
I'm an incoming freshman that is most likely going to dorm in Santa Cat in a triple. What should I bring? I plan on bringing a mini fridge and I'm thinking of bringing a water boiler. Would the latter be necessary/how easy would it be for me to get some hot water for some tea? I'll gladly accept any advice available. Thanks
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  • GumbymomGumbymom 27868 replies155 threadsForum Champion UC Forum Champion
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    Suggestions off the UCSB housing website:::
    What Should I Bring?

    We recommend that residents reach out to their roommates to coordinate what they are going to bring to the room to allow residents to maximize the space in their rooms. However, at a minimum, each resident should bring:
    Pillow & pillowcase
    Sheets & mattress cover (beds are extra large twin size)
    Bathrobe & shower shoes
    Toiletries and carrying caddy
    Many residents may also want to bring
    a laundry basket and detergent;
    decorations – push pins for posters, etc.;
    filtered water pitcher (e.g. Brita or Pur);
    refrigerator (4.5 cu. ft. or smaller). The UCSB Campus Store (formerly The UCSB Bookstore) has an agreement with Collegiate Concepts for refrigerator rentals that will be delivered directly to student rooms;
    hot beverage mug, reusable water bottle, other dishes and utensils for snacks;
    bicycle, helmet, U-Lock and bike light (put lock and light on bike before leaving home);
    computer and printer;
    high quality surge protector(s);
    small fan;
    rain gear;
    small desk lamp

    I would add a lock box for important documents.
    Mattress topper for comfort.
    Computer security cable to make sure your laptop stays put in your room.
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  • ProfessorPlum168ProfessorPlum168 4083 replies87 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    renting a fridge may be the better way. It probably costs $100 to rent a fridge and microwave for the year, and you can split it with your roommates. If you bring your own, then you have to haul it in and out.
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  • lkg4answerslkg4answers 1643 replies194 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
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    I'm not sure what a water boiler is but it might not be allowed. From the FAQ section on UCSB's housing site
    Q: Can I have a microwave oven in my room? A: No. For your safety as well as your hallmates' safety, and by order of the UCSB Fire Marshal, no cooking equipment, including microwave or toaster ovens, grills, hot plates, coffee makers, toasters, panini makers, rice cookers, slow cookers, induction cookware, etc. are permitted in any student room. We provide microwave ovens in hall kitchenettes for students’ use.

    @ProfessorPlum168 it costs $169 to rent a frig at UCSB.
    Refrigerators must not be larger than 4.5 cubic feet. We recommend you coordinate buying or renting a refrigerator with your new roommates. The UCSB Campus Store (formerly The UCSB Bookstore) has an agreement with Collegiate Concepts for refrigerator rentals that will be delivered directly to student rooms.
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