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UCSC credit compared to other UC unit?

diegodavisdiegodavis 104 replies18 threads Junior Member
My D22 is looking into taking a UC class this coming Summer. I see that most UCSC classes are 5 credits (quarter system). However, most classes at UC Davis, UCI, and UCSD are 4 units (quarter system).
Is there a difference between a credit and a unit in this situation? (All the school's mentioned are on are on the quarterly schedule system)
When comparing these quarter-based units to semester-based units (dividing quarter units by 1.5) there is a big difference between the UCSC/5 credits and UCD/4 units. UCSC/5 units converts to slightly over 3 semester units and UCD/4 units converts to slightly under 3 units.
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Replies to: UCSC credit compared to other UC unit?

  • GumbymomGumbymom Forum Champion UC 29670 replies296 threads Forum Champion
    edited January 12
    Which course is she planning to take? Does it have a lab component? Does the UCSC courses include a discussion?

    Units of credit are related to the # of hours the student is in class.

    For example a Biology class may be 4 units= 4 hours lecture but have a separate 1 hour lab that you register for separately or have the lab intergrated into the original class making it 5 hours total (5 units).

    Some classes will have 3 hours lecture and 2 hours discussion (5 units) or 3 hours lecture and 1 hour discussion (4 units).

    It really depends upon how each UC structures their classes but the content should be similar.
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