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UCF Honors?

thedreadedonethedreadedone 139 replies17 threads Junior Member
I got accepted to UCF last Saturday, haven't received a scholarship invitation, but I did receive an application for the honors college in the mail. Has anyone else applied, what are the actual benefits of honors, how hard is it to get accepted, and if they send you stuff asking you to join it are you more likely to be admitted? Thanks in advance.
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Replies to: UCF Honors?

  • TheTicksTheTicks 127 replies2 threads Junior Member

    Access to all the resources in the honors college, including advising, scholarships, computer labs + printing.
    Ability to join an honors only club (Honors Congress)
    Upon completion of honors requirements and your degree, you graduate with honors distinction.
    You get access to early class registration and smaller classes (honors classes).

    How hard is it to get in?

    This is almost entirely dependent on scores. The Honors College can only accept about 500 students a year and the selectivity increases each year, as there are more applicants. For reference, the average ACT was something like a 30 and the average SAT was something like 2000+.

    If they send you an application, are you more likely to get in?

    See above answer.
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  • success2016success2016 67 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I got an honors application on the same day I recieved my congratulations letter. I wonder what type of stats one must have to get in???? My ACT is a 30, but my GPA is only a 3.5 that was on my high school transcript.

    How does one do a recalcualated college GPA??? I don't know what they have my GPA down for!?!
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  • TheTicksTheTicks 127 replies2 threads Junior Member
    For a GPA recalculation, add .5 for any Honors class and 1 for any AP class. Not sure about IB. If you get a D or an F in any of those classes, you do not add the bonus, iirc.
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