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UCF Honors Program/Housing

PPugglePPuggle 39 replies4 threads Junior Member
My daughters are likely NMF at this point since they haven't received letters indicating otherwise yet. Fingers crossed. Anyhow, they have been accepted at UCF as well as the Honors Program. My question was more about the timing of the acceptance of the offer and when to apply for housing. The acceptance letter they received for the Honors Program indicates that if the student waits too long to accept, that all the slots may be full and the student would be wait listed. I haven't been able to read much about applying for housing yet because the web site isn't working but I'm assuming it's the same. They have applied to other schools and won't hear from some until mid-March to early April. Is it too late to get into the Honors Program and into housing in the Towers if we wait until then to decide? Should they apply for housing now even if we don't know we are accepting the offer? Unfortunately with the web site down, I can't even see what the required deposit is and if it's refundable.
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  • drxxpressodrxxpresso 73 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @PPuggle per our conversation with Luke, NM first in line for housing. No rush to put down deposit- I’m pretty sure he said you had until 5/1
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  • PPugglePPuggle 39 replies4 threads Junior Member
    @drxxpresso That's great to hear. Some of my daughters' friends are already putting down deposits now at UCF to secure housing. When we applied to UF, the girls were told that they should apply for housing even before they were accepted/rejected. Apparently housing decisions there are made first-come-first serve so if you waited until the end of Feb to even find out if you were accepted, you may not have any housing options left.
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  • drxxpressodrxxpresso 73 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I’m trying to remember how he said it works - maybe one of the current UCF parents will chime in - but I don’t think anyone gets housing assigned before May. Putting a deposit down earlier maybe gets you up sooner in the draw, but NMs get first pick regardless of when they put down a deposit. I think.
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  • sibpurisibpuri 34 replies5 threads Junior Member
    We got following response from Luke on similar question:

    "... National Merit Finalists are guaranteed on-campus housing as long as you apply by May 1st for housing you will still receive your available preference. If you cancel your housing contract prior to May 1st, you can receive $150 refunded to you but will forfeit $100 of the pre-payment...." and
    "... National Merit Finalists are assigned housing first by housing, that’s how they are able to procure their top choice....".

    Hope this helps.

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  • PhlipperPhlipper 234 replies2 threads Junior Member
    YOU WILL LOVE UCF ! Charge On !
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  • 2tiredmomma2tiredmomma 44 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I was wondering how the NMF award works for UCF. Are they guaranteed the award of COA as long as they put down UCF as first choice? My DD was accepted but I don’t understand how the award gets applied to her account? I’m assuming it’s only applied after it’s put as first choice. Is that correct? Do they ever not fund NMF COA? I’m just curious if we should be seeing something now, or if it’s normal to wait. Thank you!
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