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Freshman Orientation registration; Housing roommate matching

JamesInWestonJamesInWeston 9 replies2 threads New Member
Orientation registration went live on Thursday (Feb 6th). On-campus housing roommate matching went live today (Feb 7th).
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Replies to: Freshman Orientation registration; Housing roommate matching

  • CFLdadCFLdad 6 replies0 threads New Member
    Question on how to manage roommate matching if you don't have a particular person choice.
    My son is NMF CS major, planning to live in Towers this fall and assuming they will do a good NM/studious 3 way match for him, should we do anything to help ensure this happening? The quiet studious roommates will be important to him with rest/sleep issues.
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  • jenericjeneric 293 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I think there is a survey he can take and get matches- he can then message potential roommates and talk about quiet hours and study habits. Having your own room makes a world of difference. Most kids stick earphones in and have no idea what is going on around them. Towers tends to be quiet in general and if he's in honors housing, probably more so.
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  • DLP824DLP824 6 replies2 threads New Member
    My daughter is leaning towards Libra or Hercules/Nike. Any thoughts? We're doing the campus tour and housing tour next week as well, which should help her decide. Although she's accepted and leaning towards UCF, we still haven't seen the campus as we are OOS.
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  • jenericjeneric 293 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @DLP824 D18 was in Neptune- in the OOS LLC- it was helpful to have other people who weren't close to home. She also wanted her own room.

    If she is not going into the LLC I highly recommend she room with someone not from Florida or doesn't intend to go home all the time. Being out of the LLC and living in Libra/Hercules/Nike has some advantages- you can make friends with FL kids easier and meet other people through them. The dorms were what sold D18- our universities did not have nearly anything as nice- or cheap!
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  • JimDadinmiaJimDadinmia 39 replies1 threads Junior Member
    We just did the campus and dorm tour with our daughter this Monday and later submitted our housing application (for Towers) -- and got confirmation yesterday!

    The tour is hugely helpful, and I strongly recommend it. However, the dorm tour took us only to Nike and Hercules dorms, and both rooms visited were shared -- two students per bedroom. We applied for Towers for the private bedroom.

    When you do the housing application, there is a brief questionnaire about what kinds of things you're looking for in a roommate. I don't remember all the questions, but some of them were about general dorm cleanliness, alcohol, smoking, etc. And there is an option for whether or not you want your responses visible to prospective roommates.

    Here's the info we received regarding roommate and room selection, copied directly from the confirmation email.

    "Roommate Matching
    The Roommate Matching process is now open for you in the Housing Portal! To access it, log into myUCF and navigate to Student Self Service>Housing>Housing Portal>Roommate Matching and Room Selection.

    Here you can form roommate groups with fellow students with confirmed agreements. You may let us suggest matches for you based on your profile, search for matches based on specific profile questions, or request someone you know!


    Roommate requests must have the same agreement type, an application with a confirmed status, and be of the same gender as you.
    The Academic Main agreement does not allow First Year students to request upperclassmen.
    To request someone specific, you will need to swap webscreen names with each other. Find yours at the top of the roommate-matching page.
    Before requesting someone, send them a message via the portal! Your message will go to their Knights email too.
    LLC Applicants are encouraged to use the ‘Suggest Roommates’ option to only see students who have applied to the same LLC. All roommate requests must be approved for the same LLC in order to participate in Room Selection together.

    Room Selection
    Online room selection will take place in May, June, and July. Keep an eye on your email for more instructions on this process. "

    One interesting thing we learned in the dorm tour was that application/confirmation date matters, especially if you have specific roommate requests.

    When the actual ROOM selection occurs, the student picks building, floor, and actual room. Those selections are made in the order of housing confirmation -- AND if you have prospective roommates, the earliest confirmed student can "pull up" the others they want to room with. In my daughters' case, she has a couple of prospective roommates, so her early confirmation will help all of them.

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