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Does U of Chicago send everyone lots of unsolicited mail or just me?


Replies to: Does U of Chicago send everyone lots of unsolicited mail or just me?

  • FStratfordFStratford Registered User Posts: 273 Junior Member
    They don't send to all but they send to a lot of you in the hopes that if you like what you hear, you will apply.

    Your numbers may be average but if you have other pluses (which they obviously dont know) they are thinking you might just give it a shot.

    Plus you're a Midwesterner, so chances are if you like them and they like you too, the weather (which is a huge negative for some) won't be an issue when you decide to accept.

    If I were them I would market the hell out in the Midwest too.
  • texaspgtexaspg Super Moderator Posts: 16,599 Super Moderator
    My 10th grader got some mail recently.
  • GoldenWestGoldenWest Registered User Posts: 503 Member
    We are in CA, and my daughter has gotten a ridiculous amount of mail from them. I find it offensive and annoying, as there is no way her stats make her a reasonable prospect. They are clearly just trying to get their application numbers up.
  • eddi137eddi137 Registered User Posts: 303 Member
    I think there may be three kinds of groups regarding the massive marketing materials. The first group likes it, believe it or not. My D liked it and she had collected all stuff UChicago had sent to her since she felt they were cute.

    The second group does not care a Lot. They just shrugged and laughed at the materials. They may have thrown them away as soon as they get them or pass them to someone else. One of my D' best friends gave my D some stuff she had received. She had never bothered to apply at all.

    The last group really hates the marketing. They think they are wrongly targeted and manipulated to some extent. I have sympathy for that group. No one wants to be targeted/bothered/annoyed constantly.

    Is there a way to let UChicago know that their marketing is not welcome? E.g., a click at the bottom of the email to unsubscribe from their mailing list? I cannot remember the detail. If it is very difficult to unsubscribe then there is a problem on UChicago marketing department. BTW the university could save some money if many people firmly say, "Thanks, but no, thanks". Any thoughts?
  • EgonomicsEgonomics Registered User Posts: 59 Junior Member
    Same to me. I have no chance of being admitted, yet they keep sending things in order to try to lure me into applying. What gets annoying is that my parents see it as a sign of them being interested, so I have to explain that I have no chance of going in and that they are just trying to get more people to apply, so they can deny more people and lower their admission percentage as much as possible.
  • TenthTimeAroundTenthTimeAround Registered User Posts: 111 Junior Member
    It is really weird. With first child it was a weekly letter or pamphlet from Puget Sound. The kids in the pamphlets were never smiling which was strange. Second child it was weekly things from NYU. I mean at least 30 or 40 weeks of these things and she never even checked off their name for interest. Now my third kid also gets numerous U of Chicago letters, glossy pamphlets etc. I know I heard NYU did it to get people to apply and they always brag that more apply to NYU than anywhere else. But U of Chicago is considered up there with the ivies and my kid's scores are not there. I counted 15 so far from them.
  • Pat1120Pat1120 Registered User Posts: 605 Member
    It's hilarious and almost embarrassing. A school with a <10% acceptance rate is marketing this heavily for what reason?
  • theluckystartheluckystar Registered User Posts: 247 Junior Member
    I find it hilarious and amusing that some people would get so riled up with a successful marketing effort done by Chicago. Really amazing if you ask me.
  • ngongsngongs Registered User Posts: 200 Junior Member
    They're saying, "please apply, so that we can reject you to maintain our yield, and ultimately our high college ranking with USNWR" without saying it. I'm glad the posters are aware of this, based on these posts. Some kids however, really believe that they're being recruited heavily by the school.
  • alopez14alopez14 - Posts: 108 Junior Member
    They're saying, "please apply, so that we can reject you to maintain our yield, and ultimately our high college ranking with USNWR" without saying it. I'm glad the posters are aware of this, based on these posts. Some kids however, really believe that they're being recruited heavily by the school.

    This is what I assumed at first, but there's no way average kids are going to be conned into dropping $75 to apply to Chicago, right? And aren't they already like #5 on USNWR? Are they gunning for Columbia's #4? Their ACT range was 24-36, maybe they genuinely want more minorities to apply?
  • TranquilMindTranquilMind Registered User Posts: 744 Member
    My daughter, who does actually have the stats, has received at least 50 mailings, books, a poster, letters, articles, etc from this school. It's crazy.
  • eddi137eddi137 Registered User Posts: 303 Member
    Tenth, Ego, and others,

    Just curious, is there an "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of an email if you have received one?

    I am wondering how easy or difficult to remove a person from the college's mailing list. It will be a win-win situation for both college (any) and prospective students and their families. First the college can save money and effort not to market to unwanted people. Second annoyed people can have peace.
    From another point of view I think college marketing is necessary. I remember someone here has said Apple was still marketing even it had big lead over its competitors. I totally agree with that person. College is not in ivory tower anymore these days. It needs people’s attention and it needs money. Image has something to do with it. We all know Mercedes-Benz and Apple (at least for now) are leaders in their respective industries. They are still marketing their products and keeping their images fresh. Why, maybe some UChicago Econ students can explain.

    I do not think UChicago’s aggressive marketing strategy primarily serves the purpose of driving down the admission rate (it has that intention to some extent, but the admission rate only counts 1.5% in the USNEWs ranking. 8.8% vs 13.2% has very small impact – may be 0.0x). Its long-term purpose is to improve its branding. I think UChicago’s name recognition is lagging its peers among the general public. After my D’s admission to the college the past year many people have asked where she was going. The results are very interesting. Most of high school students, recent college students and their families have known UChicago well and had great respect of it. But rest of general public has responded very differently. I have met about two dozen folks who have asked. Only a quarter of them have recognized it. When it was recognized it has received very positive remarks. Most of those folks are college educated though.

    Some opinion says general public is not important. Only your future employers and graduate schools matter. I sort of disagree with that opinion. It is the ordinary people (now) who are applying colleges. They are not experts yet. They need to know what colleges exist and what their reputations (academic and others) are. If ordinary people do not know a college exists how can they apply to it?

    But I will think a middle ground will be the best for the short-term and long-term goal of improving its branding. It does not need to blindly market to people who do not welcome the marketing materials. That will damage the long-term image among those folks. It may be a process question or an IT question to avoid market to wrong people (at least it should provide a feedback mechanism). I have done some Google search to find any hints regarding un-subscription and have not got any luck yet. Maybe there are already ways to unsubscribe but people are not aware of it or have not done so.
  • renoverchatrenoverchat Registered User Posts: 531 Member
    They're probably trying to get more name recognition in the general population. They also probably also want to increase the types of students who are applying; I think they used to get applicants from a pretty narrow 'type' (nerdy, academically focused, etc.).
  • eddi137eddi137 Registered User Posts: 303 Member

    It is sort of crazy. But it is not too extreme in today’s college application process.
    My D had got many marketing materials during her high school senior year. Not only from UChicago but also from many top schools too.

    At the beginning UChicago was not on the radar at all. Of course we had heard of it from USNEWS due to its high ranking there. And it was obvious in the city if Chicago according to its name. But we had known very little about it. What was its strength and what was its weakness – no ideas. She had begun receiving some marketing materials (two dozen or so before her admission) in the summer before her senior year and she got excited about the school. So the number of materials had really changed her mind.

    College application is a very hard and long process. E.g., UChicago requires two essays and an optional one in addition to the Common Application essays. If a student applies to 10 schools on average she needs to write 20 or so supplement essays. If one essay one day it will need 20 days on the top of normal busy schedule. Unless a student has known some schools very well or set on particular schools already some research is needed. For us the marketing materials are not a bad thing. We had reviewed the college’s materials briefly and done some deeper research to verify their claims. E.g., when we saw a UChicago’s poster saying they had some 80+ Nobel prize winner affiliation we though it must be a printing mistake. How come did UChicago have that many? Then we had checked other sources and verified their claim.

    In short if your student does not like UChicago at all after having received 50 materials it is probably time to unsubscribe from its mailing list. If your D is still making decision then digging deeper may help.
  • compmomcompmom Registered User Posts: 8,324 Senior Member
    When you take the SAT, you may or may not check a box indicating you want to receive these kinds of materials from schools.

    It means nothing.

    If you checked the box and got over a certain score, all kinds of schools will send things to you.

    I told my kids NOT to check the box!
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